Bianchi: “Redefine the role of teachers. And on the Ministry:” Let’s go back to calling it of Public Education ” [VIDEO]

“After this difficult period, there is a desire to start again. Our country suffered from the pandemic but even before it was unable to grow and establish itself. The school was considered marginal. At the same time there has been an increase in early school leaving which must be eliminated ”.

This was stated by the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, during his speech at the event organized by Nemetria entitled “The school that Italy needs“.

The virus has shown that national walls or acts are not needed but a global measure. The school must have an international openness that must be transformed into different skills, the school must be able to help read the complex reality, have new languages ​​and understand them“Said Bianchi.

Secondly, “with the pandemic the distance from scientific structures was highlighted. But with distance learning he was able to develop new skills. Hence the possibility of optimizing the tools at our disposal“.

Furthermore, even before the pandemic “the community and friendships had disappeared before the covid. This pandemic has shown instead that we need a community, a sociality. We need a society without fractures. The ability to be community builders. The school also has these duties. We must think of the school as a structure capable of forming critical skills “.

The Minister continues: “There are three major issues: the first is the inequality between the educational structures of the country. There is a gap between North and South on preschools, for example. On this the NRR makes a lot of funds available. There are schools built 80 years ago. We have a duty to secure our school building heritage“.

The second theme – continues Bianchi – it is the recovery of students’ learning. Here too the PNRR intervenes to expand above all the technical training, starting with ITS“.

The third point is that which concerns the contents. The school must accompany children and young people towards their future. So we must continue to innovate in this sense“.

The institutional nature of the school should be emphasized. If there is one thing that gives me suffering it is that the adjective ‘Public Education’ has disappeared: we are today miserably the Ministry of Education. As if it were possible to remove that adjective that gave meaning, value and purpose to this whole institution. It may seem like a battle from another time, but I have requested that the term ‘ministry of public education’ be restored“Added Bianchi.

There has never been a focus on the training of teachers or would-be teachers. There is no real path to start a teaching career. We need the redefinition of a role, of a teacher’s career. Teacher career is not a bad word. We need to provide the tools to communicate with the children“, Explained the Minister. “We need to rebuild the role of teachers and leaders“, he added.

The school cannot go back to being placed in a corner of the public administration but must be placed at the center of the country’s development process“, He concluded.


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