Ciampi plate, is there another mistake in the writing on the marble slab?


Many are complaining about the dates reported alongside the office held by the former President of the Republic

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June 4, 2021 | 18: 50

When the fire of the controversy seemed to have gone out (leaving behind a fool who crossed the boundaries of the Grande Raccordo Anulare), here comes a new catchphrase on the Ciampi plaque installed in Rome on the Aventino Lungotevere. The real scandal, however, was on the day of the presentation with the failed (and postponed) disclosure due to the error in the name of the former President of the Republic (Azelio instead of Azeglio). Now, on social media, a new “protest” has been unleashed against the Capitoline administration due to the dates inserted in the parenthesis.

Ciampi plate, is there another mistake in the writing on the marble slab?

As Marco Bentivogli points out, in fact, the two dates inserted in the brackets seem to be able to allude to the duration of the mandate of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Campidoglio. A motion supported by many others than on social media – making an ironic reference to the marble worker from Velletri, the last chapter of the blame game made by the Capitol and the Capitoline administration -, because it actually seems to be another mistake. But this is partly true.

In fact, it is necessary to underline the trend that for some years (and we are not just talking about Rome) has spread in the management of number plates for city toponymy. And the examples are provided by some social users who – responding to this accusation of second error – have published images of plates that have the same format as the Ciampi plate installed in Rome.

Ciampi plate

Four examples of similarity with the Ciampi plate that show a standard format for what concerns the dating (birth-death) and the role covered (or the work done). Certainly, perhaps, speaking of the first office of the state, a different format could be sought (precisely because of the role of Head of State). Without a doubt, adhering to such a classification system can be considered wrong (habit is never a justification). But, in this case, talking about another mistake for that license plate seems to be a bit exaggerated. The main gaffe was one and the fool was epochal and will remain in history. Now there is no need to go for further conspiracy.


Ciampi plate mistake writing marble slab

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