from engineers to programmers –

from engineers to programmers –
from engineers to programmers –

Engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, law experts. These are some of the professional profiles destined to enter the public administration, through the recruitment plan provided for by the decree approved by the Council of Ministers. The green light to the provision, which regulates new hires in the PA, represents the third step, together with the decree on governance and simplifications, necessary for the triggering of the PNRR, the plan that will guarantee Italy over 200 billion euros in the next five years. In addition to the launch of the recruitment decree, yesterday at Palazzo Chigi the bridge rule was approved that triggers the single allowance for children from 1 July, pending the reform that will come into force from next January. However, simplified procedures and new recruitment mechanisms (not unlike those adopted in the private sector) will characterize the next few months to start over 24,000 full-term hires in the public administration system between now and 2026.

There will be 500 hires to report what we will spend, because if we do not report it well, Europe has no money, explains Renato Brunetta, Minister for Public Administration, underlining the arrival of engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists. New resources destined for non-executive positions with a fixed-term hiring, through a quick competition. In particular, 80 new hires will be diverted to the State General Accounting Office, which for monitoring and reporting activities will also be able to make use of ten experts, as well as seven managerial positions assigned to the management of the territorial Accounting offices of Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rome. , Naples, Bari and Palermo. The provision, however, provides that in the event of justified needs, an additional 300 technical figures can be hired to ensure the processes and activities connected to the governance of the Recovery plan, thus bringing the total to 800. Overall, the plan aims to recruit over a period of a five-year period of 24 thousand people: a thousand destined to local authorities in the management of complex procedures, 268 to the digital transition, 67 to the Agency for digital Italy, 16,500 to the process office for the reduction of the backlog and 5,410 staff units administrative to justice.

The objective is to have staff to respect the times and methods of carrying out the over 300 investment programs envisaged by the NRP. An overall recruitment plan that until the end has created fibrillation within the government, complete with competitions between ministers to ensure the acquisition of new staff within their respective ministries. Not surprisingly, the Council of Ministers was suspended last night to meet the request for more staff from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, made by Minister Roberto Cingolani. Request postponed to be accepted in a subsequent ad hoc decree, which should also take into account the staff of Sogesid (the ministry’s in-house company). In the meantime, as owner of the Public Administration, Minister Brunetta claims: There will be no assaults on diligence, there will be no creative amendments but the whole government will monitor and, if anything, improve its nature for the realization of the Pnrr. And part of the resources of the NRP will be used for the recruitment of personnel to carry out the projects of the plan.


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