“Vaccine campaign is producing effects, fewer severe cases and deaths”

“Vaccine campaign is producing effects, fewer severe cases and deaths”
“Vaccine campaign is producing effects, fewer severe cases and deaths”

“There is a sharp decrease in cases among vaccinated. The same for hospitalization, in sharp decline, as well as for intensive care and deaths. The impact of the vaccine, with respect to both infection and hospitalizations and to deaths, it is extremely significant, so vaccinations are protective “. This was stated by Gianni Rezza, director general of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, in the press conference on the analysis of the data of the regional monitoring on the Covid-19 epidemic.

To date, “there is a low probability of a resurgence of the epidemic” but it is necessary “to continue with caution” Rezza stressed. “We can look with some optimism at the current and future situation of the summer, but we must be careful, as public health, in monitoring the progress of the epidemic and we must always take some small precautions even at the individual level”, he added.

POOR COUNTRIES – “Let’s be promoters of vaccination campaigns” against Covid-19 “in resource-poor countries, because if the virus continues to circulate in some countries it is possible that new variants will develop. It is dangerous to let the virus run in densely populated countries” he stressed again.

MYOCARDITES – Then, to a question about myocarditis found in the US and Israel on children vaccinated with Pfizer, he replied: “There are still no definitive evaluations. This appearance of myocarditis has been reported very recently, especially in people under 20. years (16-20 years). Typically these are apparently mild myocarditis, which resolve within a few weeks. When we go for vaccine monitoring, we find that there is an underlying incidence of these diseases which it is not evaluated and known. We are trying to evaluate the excess of myocarditis in that age group, especially in male boys. At the moment, however, there are no definitive data “.


Vaccine campaign producing effects severe cases deaths

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