Facebook suspends Trump for two years. The tycoon: “Unbearable abuse”

Facebook suspends Trump for two years. The tycoon: “Unbearable abuse”
Facebook suspends Trump for two years. The tycoon: “Unbearable abuse”

Facebook announced the suspension of the accounts of Donald Trump from its platform and Instagram until January 7, 2023. This means that the former president of the United States could only start using them again after the 2023 mid-term elections. But only if the tech company considers the risk to public safety over .

Facebook’s decision

The time frame decided by Facebook is not accidental. It is exactly two years after the tycoon was banned from the social network due to his comments that incited the crowd to storm Congress on January 6. From a purely technical point of view, after the aforementioned two years, Facebook will decide on a possible reintegration by evaluating the “risk to the public safety“.

In case the Suspension should it be relieved, however, Trump will not be free to do what he wants. Joe Biden’s predecessor will still be subjected to “strict sanctions“in case of new violations, explained a post appeared on the website of the same Fb.”We knew that any sanctions that we would apply, or not apply, would be controversial. We know today’s decision will be criticized by many opposing political people, but our job is to make decisions“wrote Facebook’s deputy director of global affairs, Nick Clegg.

Trump: “An insult to 75 million Americans”

Recall that the sanctions against Trump were taken in the context of new guidelines established by Facebook against public figures on the occasion of violence and riots. In any case, the former president’s response was not long in coming. “They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this censor and silence. We will eventually win, our country can no longer accept this abuse“, commented Trump with a written statement referring to the social network. Going into detail, Trump defined a”insult to the record number of 75 million people who voted for us“, Facebook’s decision to extend the suspension of its accounts.

The Washington Post had announced the social network’s intention to crack down on politicians who violate the company’s rules on hate speech. The turning point, according to sources in the American newspaper, should therefore lead Facebook to no longer consider newsworthiness as a factor. When there are exceptions, they will be publicly reported by the company. The new policies, in line with the recommendations of the Supervisory Committee, also provide for the promotion of more transparent processes on penalties for accounts that violate the rules.


Facebook suspends Trump years tycoon Unbearable abuse

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