Italy-Rep. Czech 4-0: Azzurri show before the European Championships

Italy-Rep. Czech 4-0: Azzurri show before the European Championships
Italy-Rep. Czech 4-0: Azzurri show before the European Championships

In Bologna Mancini’s national team dominates giving a show. At sign Immobile, Barella, Insigne and Berardi

From our correspondent Fabio Licari

June 4th
– Bologna

A big problem. This Italy is a show. This Italy flies. The risk, now, is to have too many illusions: it would be better to fly low, but how can you not get excited after this 4-0 to the Czech Republic? It will not be the strongest team in the European Championship, but it is a finalist: yet the Azzurri play as if they were in two, three different categories, dragged by an Insigne version of the phenomenon. Always the same. Determined, convinced, offensive, funny. Four goals, Immobile, Barella, Insigne, Berardi, and the impression of an embarrassing superiority. Race number 27 without defeat (to -3 from Pozzo), eighth without conceding a goal. Nobody will be happy to face us.

Surprise start

And probably this will be Italy for Turkey. With Berardi on the right wing, Immobile center forward and Locatelli for Verratti. Mancini decides to do the dress rehearsal for his debut, so he doesn’t spare Jorginho, fresh from the Champions League final either. Perhaps the Azzurri do not expect such an aggressive Czech Republic, perhaps the coach was right to fear a bit of suffering, in any case the first ten minutes are all Czechs who crush us with a mobile 4-2-3-1, recorded by the indefatigable Kral, with the Italians Barak and Jankto filling the trocar. We are not used to suffering, but more than cross they do not produce. And as soon as the Azzurri shake off the dust, another match begins. The Czech Republic ends here.

Easy one-two

Superiority is overwhelming. The first half ends 2-0, a fair result that could also have been more rounded: at the center of Immobile and the doubling of Barella (deflected by Boril), the opportunities created by Insigne should be added who, almost as a playmaker, does everything very well except the shot, indeed often loses time and gets bricked. Matter of time. The Czech defense is anything but armored, the English and Croatians should not fear these rivals at the European Championships, and at a certain point it is as if the coach Silhavy had ordered not to attack anymore but to limit himself to containing. The Azzurri are waiting for their maneuvered and “high” game.

What a show

In the second half comes the time for fun. The Czech Republic is gone and Italy, very concentrated, plays downhill. Insigne rises to the chair that will bring recurring nightmares to poor Coufal: the Neapolitan’s 3-0 is a delight, on the great passage of Immobile, but almost more beautiful, for precision and creativity, is the assist for the 4-0 Berardi. Insigne is in a competitive trance. Mancini brings in Emerson, Acerbi, Cristante, Chiesa, Raspadori (making his debut in the final), Toloi, but the blue jewel goes to memory and does not suffer any shocks. Always pressing high, always maneuvering in speed and first, always possession. We are ready for the European Championship. So we will remove the last doubt whether it is only a question of non-impossible challenges. But after 27 games like this, can it just be a question of opponents?

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