Stop smartworking at 50% for public employees, Brunetta: “Obligation canceled”

Farewell to the obligation of smartworking al 50% for the public administration. Public employees are preparing to return fully to the office after the announcement arrived by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta: “I canceled this obligation”, he said during the press conference after the Council of Ministers who gave the green light to the Recruitment decree.

“In the period of the lockdown we have put the almost all of employees, except healthcare and assistance. Then the so-called smartworking began to be regulated al 50%. A month or two ago we said maybe this roof could be overcome. Now it is gone, there is the organization of the individual offices decided by the managers, but guaranteeing the satisfaction of citizens ”, explained Brunetta.

At the press conference, the minister then presented the decree on recruitment in the public administration to manage the funds of the Recovery: it is “a breath of modernity, of novelty of strengthening our public administration ”, said Brunetta. “We come from 12 years of block from turn over, the turn over will now resume at 110% and in some sectors even more, such as healthcare. ‘You can re-start with the bargaining of the second level, so if you do an efficiency operation ”, added the Minister of Public Administration.

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