but only those who make Pfizer can postpone the recall

but only those who make Pfizer can postpone the recall
but only those who make Pfizer can postpone the recall

To find the solution to the possible limits that the summer season would entail for the vaccination campaign even before the problem arises, the watchword is “flexibility”. The extraordinary commissioner for the emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has repeated it more than once: “Be flexible in bookings” but also in reminders. And on this Lazio will play its part. Starting with the possibility of postponing the recall but only for the Pfizer vaccine. At the beginning of the vaccination campaign, last December, this m-Rna vaccine provided a time distance between the first and second dose of 21 days, then the booster was postponed up to a maximum of 42 days also to better manage the doses available and vaccinating more people. However, some bookings remain that, for example, were given 35 days apart and for these it will be possible to move the appointment.

By way of example, in the event that a citizen with the recall scheduled for July 16 asked the Region to be able to postpone it, he would get the green light by the 42nd useful day: July 24. For AstraZeneca, on the other hand, although the recall is possible between the fourth and the twelfth week all the second appointments have been given, up to now, to the maximum limit and since it will not be possible to anticipate the second administration, here is the only leeway will be allowed for Pfizer’s vaccine. Technically, the Region should make available to users the call centers used up to now in the campaign to which the citizen can contact by rescheduling the second appointment.


Meanwhile, from Sunday the age groups are back in contrast with the trend of many other Regions which, instead, have opened vaccinations to all. It starts from midnight with reservations (with any type of anti-Covid drug) for 39-35 year olds with the commitment of the Region to guarantee the appointment within 20 days. It will then follow until June 13 with the opening to young people up to 17 years old. The last two appointments for the open week scheduled for all over 18s – but only and exclusively with the AstraZeneca vaccine – today and tomorrow have gone “sold-out”. Within hours of the reopening of reservations last Thursday, the more than 11 thousand available slots were all taken. At the same time, the very young also come into play, i.e. boys between 12 and 16 years of age.

The Region has closed the agreement with pediatricians who will be called to vaccinate them with Pfizer but also open weeks will be organized for them. The first will start in Rieti tomorrow with the provision of 120 Pfizer doses. Reservations – the competent ASL informs – will take place directly on site, or at the San Camillo De Lellis hospital, parents will have to bring the health card while the ASL pediatricians will inject the doses. Finally, on the contagion front, with an increase of over 4 thousand molecular swabs, the new positive cases in Lazio yesterday were 197: one more than the previous day. Admissions and occupations in intensive care continue to decline. For the former there are 747 inpatients for the latter 128 patients.

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