city ​​overrun with waste and close to collapse. But the blame game starts – Time

city ​​overrun with waste and close to collapse. But the blame game starts – Time
city ​​overrun with waste and close to collapse. But the blame game starts – Time

Fernando Magliaro

04 June 2021

The collapse of the waste collection and disposal system in Rome is approaching and the race to unload the barrel begins: Ama, through its sole administrator, Stefano Zaghis, indicates the Lazio Region as responsible. The Roman Democratic Party goes to the wallet and calculates the Raggi tax or how much the inefficiencies of the system cost the Romans. Pd and 5Stelle, the Region and the Municipality actually have fully shared responsibilities: one, the Region, draws up a Waste Plan that does not stand up and is based on landfills. The other, the Municipality, in five years has not managed to complete even a plant design project, blocked on the ideological vetoes that are shared with the Dems.

Zaghis sends a letter to the Region, the Prefect, the Ministry of the Environment – today the meeting of the technicians is scheduled – and the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office. The text indicates the responsibilities of Zingaretti and the Region: the delay in approving the Waste Plan; the failure to implement parts of the old one such as the three waste-to-energy plants; the delays in issuing the prescriptions to adapt the Tmb of Rocca Cencia (seized and police station a year ago by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office); the early closure of the Colleferro landfill; the failure to open the fifth basin of that of Roccasecca; and the story of the Roman landfill of Monte Carnevale. «If there are direct and objective responsibilities in the administrative field for the accumulated delays and potential responsibilities – writes Zaghis – still to be ascertained in the criminal court, these are unfortunately attributable to the Lazio Region; the result is that the regional waste cycle is one step away from collapsing ».

To avoid collapse, Zaghis re-proposes Roman vampirism in the territories of the province: Civitavecchia and Viterbo have 30,000 and 160,000 cubic meters residual, Colleferro 300,000, 449,000 Basin V of Roccasecca. In addition, Zaghis asks to increase the quantity treated in the TMB of Rocca Cencia (and who knows what the municipal councilor, Katia Ziantoni, very opposed to the idea, thinks). We come to the Democratic Party: poor service, differentiated at the post, waste tariff that weighs 15 to 49% more on the Romans than those who live in Florence or Milan, ie the “Raggi tax”. “We are here to combat the mayor’s choice not to choose for reasons of electoral campaign, or not to indicate the location of the treatment plants, as required by law, just to avoid criticism: all this is irresponsible and lets Rome slip into third waste emergency, while Ama is in pre-bankruptcy with three unapproved budgets, an industrial plan put in place at the last election campaign, the approach of 3 councilors and 7 managers “, say the Roman dems with the secretary, Andrea Casu, and the group leader, Giulio Pelonzi.

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