Friends 20, Raffaele replies to the criticisms received for the relationship with Martina!

Raffaele Renda e Martina Miliddi have formalized their relationship a few days ago, when the Calabrian singer-songwriter joined the Latin American dancer in Sardinia.

There are many criticisms that the couple is receiving and unfortunately there have also been many insults from the haters. After the rerun of Martina also Raffaele decided to expose himself and, through Instagram stories, answered the following question from a fan.

How do you feel the insults you have received and Martina?

The songwriter wrote a long message. He thanked his supporters for their closeness and called the attacks full of frustration.

I did not want to talk about this thing, but I see in the questions that you are interested in my current state of mind related to this situation, for this I thank you. To be honest, I’ve seen so much sadness and frustration these days. Comments that go beyond freedom of thought and strike a lot in the personal.

I think many people behind a phone feel like they are masters of the world and superheroes with the power to rule everything. But unfortunately this is not the case. Fortunately, I consider myself a strong person, able to split everything, removing the negativity and having a big laugh reading certain things.

Finally, he added that before writing one must always reflect because, on the other side of the screen, there are always people.

I realize, however, that not everyone is like me and that in the face of comments of this weight many people fall into gaps from which it is difficult to get out. I don’t want to go further but the only thing I feel like saying is: weigh what you say don’t feel authorized to judge to death just because our lives are in the “public domain” because first of all we are people who have feelings.

Even the dancer, on Twitter, again responded to the offenses. She is grateful to the fans for the affection she is receiving in this situation and remembered to give weight to the words used on social media.

Fortunately, during the period they spent together in Sardinia, the two boys enjoyed themselves between tik tok and improvised ballets.

Do you agree with the words of Raffaele e Martina?


Friends Raffaele replies criticisms received relationship Martina

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