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Rejects Astrazeneca and dies of Covid. Call for vaccines

Nadia Frulli
04 June 2021 07:00

“In recent days a lady asked to meet me and told me her story. She lost her husband to Covid: he refused the Astrazeneca vaccine, then he got sick and didn’t make it”. Words full of emotion are those spoken by the director general of the ASL Toscana Sud Est Antonio D’Urso. A difficult story to tell, which however clearly shows the importance of the vaccine and the great risks to which those who refuse serum are exposed.

“This person got sick some time after he was due to receive the first dose. The vaccine could probably have changed his fate.”, protecting him from the terrible outcomes of the disease.

Yet the statistics show that there are age groups more refractory to the vaccination campaign. In Aretino, 27,145 received the first dose among those aged between 60 and 69, and almost 7,000 the second dose.

“In Arezzo as in the rest of Italy – explains D’Urso – people in the age group ranging from 60 to 69 years are proving reluctant to the vaccine. Yet in that age group the Coronavirus can have devastating effects,” fatal. Now we have a goal: to be able to reverse this trend. How? There are initiatives ready to go “.

In particular, D’Urso refers to the so-called Pfizer open weeks which will be repeated this week and which will probably be proposed again in the next.

“In the age groups over 50, Covid has proved not easy to overcome – underlines D’Urso -. Averting a fatal event is essential, the only way to do it is to get vaccinated. The vaccine is proving to be fundamental: they prove it the reopenings. This is why I turn to sixty-year-olds: get vaccinated, don’t wait “.

The dates of the Pfizer open week in Arezzo

Saturday 5th June
Arezzo – Business Center: 200 doses (20-23)

Sunday 6th June
Cortona – Scuola Berrettini-Pancrazi: 100 doses (8-14)


Rejects Astrazeneca dies Covid Call vaccines

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