Salvini smashes the Dems on togas – Time

Salvini smashes the Dems on togas – Time
Salvini smashes the Dems on togas – Time

Francesco Storace

04 June 2021

Eventually Matteo Salvini will smash the Democratic Party with the six referendum questions on justice. Because after filing with the Supreme Court, the issue will become central starting from 2 July with the collection of signatures promoted by the Lega and the Radical Party: it will become difficult to escape popular pressure from Parliament. And the Democratic Party risks big, also because there are important exponents of it who are fed up with the manettara drift of recent years. From the responsible justice of the dem Anna Rossomando to the evergreen Goffredo Bettini substantial openings to a radical reform of justice emerge. Even the former leader of the Senate Andrea Marcucci appreciates the referendums while damaging his soul for the support of the League. The Pd representative in the justice commission Franco Mirabelli tries to put everyone back in line with his no, but the feeling is that the debate is destined to explode. Moreover, the fuse was lit even earlier by the neo-guarantee conversion of Luigi Di Maio after the acquittal of the former mayor of Lodi. There are many in the Nazarene who are not there to be taught by the pentastellato Foreign Minister.

The initiative taken by the Radicals and the League is of absolute political value and gives hope for a better horizon for a country that has long been dealing with courtrooms that inspire less and less trust in citizens. The referendums touch on fundamental points for justice, which have been talked about for a long time. There are six questions on which the signatures of the Italians will be collected. Starting from the modification of the election of the CSM, to remove the self-governing body of the judiciary from the excessive power of the currents: enough with the collections of thousands of adhesions to candidacies by organized groups, judges and prosecutors are free to present themselves alone. Another hot topic like the one concerning the direct responsibility of the magistrates, approved in the past and never implemented in the form desired by the people. And then the fair evaluation of the judges. Other highlights of the questions are those that impact on two other deeply felt issues, such as the separation of careers and the limits to the abuses of pre-trial detention. Already here you will hear the screams grilline – which have not digested the Di Maio thought – but if every year a thousand innocents, as the sentences of acquittal say, are thrown in jail for no reason, it means that the problem is there and has not been dealt with as it should. Then, the last hot topic concerns the repeal of the Severino law. It is not true, as we are already beginning to say, that we want to pardon the condemned politicians, but that it is simply the judges who must eventually decide the ancillary penalties on non-re-applicability, outside of any automatism. Too many mayors have unjustly lost their sentences.

Issues of great civilization, which now can no longer be ignored, especially if the signatures are collected in abundance. With the referendum questions, the debate on justice will finally come back to life. If Parliament does it first – and here it will be the turn of Minister Marta Cartabia – the legislative solution can arrive soon, especially if it is respectful of the referendum questions. Otherwise the Italian people will decide and after all it is the most beautiful thing that can be. And maybe we will have – as Salvini said – “faster and less current processes in the CSM, less subdivision and partitioning logic, the civil liability of those who make mistakes and pay like all other workers and more protection for the mayors”. Justice has been waiting for change for too long. And maybe this could really be the right time. The good turn. Once again determined by radical tenacity. Benedetto Pannella …

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Salvini smashes Dems togas Time

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