Entries in the role, about 1000 aspirants present in the Gae for the secondary school of first and second degree

For the next entries in the role, as regards the secondary school of first and second degree, there will not be many aspiring teachers from the rankings until exhaustion. The CISL Scuola also highlights this in its document dedicated to new entries and the critical issues of the bis support decree.

Indeed, as we can see from the table reported by the union Cisl School, the aspiring professors currently present in Gae are the following:

These are numbers provided by the Ministry last year, as you can see. However, the union has further verified the current state and the hypothetical scenario is the following: based on the analysis of the Cisl School, on the over 60,000 secondary schools, for the entries in the role of September, it will be possible to count on approx 746 teachers in the GaE.

In any case, these are numbers that are subject to changes that will have to be reflected as soon as the picture is completed with the numbers of retirements and mobility.


200 thousand substitutes, 110 thousand useful places for recruitment in September with the formula of the support decree bis. CISL School elaboration

Recruitment, today government-trade union meeting. Gissi (Cisl Scuola): “Proposals to improve the Sostegni Bis Decree”


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