Non-domestic users, waste from shops and restaurants remain on the ground

Non-domestic users, waste from shops and restaurants remain on the ground
Non-domestic users, waste from shops and restaurants remain on the ground

Once the contract has expired, the service of collection of non-domestic users of three lots, in particular those in the center, has returned to Ama: but the staff and the means of the municipal company are not enough to ensure an efficient service. So just at the dawn of the reopening irthe rubbish of shops, restaurants and clubs, remain on the ground. Merchants and restaurateurs are well aware of this, forced to live with disastrous scenarios and nauseating smells. The collection is haywire: “In some cases there are no bins in front of the locations and where they are installed they are not collected in time. Such a disservice – denounced Claudio Pica, president of Fiepet Confesercenti of Rome and Lazioin addition to causing damage to the decor in the city, and to the image in the historic center, it also causes inconvenience to restaurateurs, in particular for the disposal of waste and glass, to customers and residents “.

Non-domestic users: waste from shops and restaurants remains on the ground

Numerous reports from Parioli, Piazza Bologna and Nomentano where, having closed the contract with Sarim, “Restaurants, traders, bars and pubs are forced to dump their waste on the street because no one comes to collect it. Just now that they have started to reopen and go back to their work ” – observes the Councilor for the Environment of the II Municipality, Rino Fabiano. “Only one compactor van was sent to our territory, used for the collection of cardboard and more. But how is it possible to guarantee the ordinary service with these conditions? ”.

Tenders due to expire: “Ama wants to reduce costs by 50%”

Even the trade unions are asking for it, defining the management of the door-to-door service for UNDs (Non-Domestic Users) as “disastrous”. After last year’s 150 layoffs, there are fears for the fate of other contract workers when, at the end of the year, all the other contracts with the companies that manage the service today will expire. “The company intends to save costs by nearly 50%. Out of the current 970 contractors, there will be a job loss of 450 units “ – he explains to RomaToday Alessandro Russo, of the FP CGIL.

“All this for the Company’s choice to re-internalize a part of the service to raise cash. Internalization which, of course, will have a direct impact on the AMA operators themselves, in the absence of sufficient recruitments to rebalance the service. The 2021 hiring plan is not enough, which barely covers the retirements of the last two years. The risk – warn the general secretaries of Fp Cgil, Fit Cisl and Fiadel Rome and Lazio, Giancarlo Cenciarelli, Marino Masucci and Massimo Cicco – it is a worsening of the service and, given the desire to set aside the sector contract, an unprecedented impoverishment of work ”.

“To date – adds Russo – there is no solution to support the service and there is a risk of occupational haemorrhage. The paradox is to create unemployment on a job that is needed, necessary, and which will thus produce disservices for the whole city. Scroll the rankings, the company will hire ” – the exhortation of the trade unionist.

Ama absolves himself, but the direct competence of the collection is his

But Ama puts his hands on and, despite his direct responsibility for waste collection, he absolves himself. In the city the crisis is due to the “Relative lack of outlets on the part of all the plants that AMA uses within the Lazio Region and in Central and Northern Italy, both for the ordinary maintenance of some plants, during the last week it had to accuse evident criticalities in the collection waste in the city ” – wrote the sole administrator of the municipal company, Stefano Zaghis, at the top of the business and merchant associations. No mention of the contract of non-domestic users on whose critical issues the unions had already raised the alarm months ago. Screams went unheard.

The situation is bound to get worse. “With the gradual reduction of restrictions until the curfew is lifted, there will be a greater influx of businesses throughout the city, tourists will gradually return”, so Zaghis admits, “During the month of June Ama, while putting every possible effort into the field, could find it more difficult to promptly provide collection services”.

There is a waste emergency in Rome: the Municipality and the Region quarrel, the Government media on Friday. Meanwhile, Ama absolves himself

Non-domestic users: questioning to the Mayor

Meanwhile, FdI presented a question to the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, to ask, in relation to the separate collection service for non-domestic users, “What actions does it intend to initiate in order to overcome the critical issues and to obtain greater effectiveness in terms of quality levels provided in relation to the aforementioned service given that traders, already weakened by the economic crisis, continue to pay high bills for this service”.

“Among other things, in the current situation, which sees the city of Rome again with the specter of the waste emergency, – wrote in a note Francesco Figliomeni, councilor of the Brothers of Italy and vice president of the Capitoline Assembly – we are disconcerted by the choice of AMA’s management to rationalize the separate collection service for non-domestic users, effectively legitimizing the delivery of waste in road bins, which are actually intended for use by those who live in homes, even by some businesses which are located in neighborhoods served by this collection method. In this way, unfortunately, it contributes, without any fault of the commercial operators who also risk sanctions through no fault of their own, to the proliferation of small landfills around road bins. The time has come that the company and the Giunta Raggi, instead of just blaming the citizens, as often happens, try to put in place activities that avoid the accumulation of waste on the street and work to protect the health of citizens. We also look forward to actions aimed at safeguarding and protecting honest workers who, as a result of these wicked choices, are at risk and in any case must be put in a position to be able to perform their duties in the best possible way “.

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