Platinette’s diet to lose excess pounds: how it works

Platinette’s diet to lose excess pounds: how it works
Platinette’s diet to lose excess pounds: how it works

We all know Maurizio Coruzzi, radio-television host, television personality and writer with many talents, especially in the guise of Platinette. Today Platinette, Mauro Coruzzi appears visibly thinner, he would have lost several sizes, let’s find out how it works Platinette’s diet
Losing weight is a difficult goal for everyone, but three times difficult if you also think about his age (he is over sixty years old) and above all the ailment he suffers from.
Platinette who has always fought with i extra pounds relied on an expert nutritionist and managed to lose several kilos thanks to healthy eating together with regular physical activity.
What is the secret to losing excess pounds? In addition to the diet, motivation, patience and perseverance should never be lacking, and this, especially those who have had to lose many kilos, know it. In this regard, today we want to talk to you about the diet which allowed Platinette, the stage name of Mauro Coruzzi, to get back in shape. A diet perhaps rigid, but which allowed the well-known TV personality to feel better about himself and to appreciate good food more and to appear in great shape in the last ones hosted on TV
Coruzzi in fact explained that he had moved away from television commitments because he needed time to work on himself and be able once and for all to defeat his Binge Eating Disorder. It is an eating disorder, caused by binge eating, for which those who suffer from it tend to eat compulsively, without being able to satiate.

Platinette’s diet to lose excess pounds
Platinette, who has always struggled with extra pounds, relied on an expert in the sector (as it should always be) and managed to lose several pounds thanks to a healthy diet accompanied by regular physical activity. And it was during a television host that he said he lost with his diet among the 60 e i 70 kg in a year and a half. Not a few. From his account it emerged that the diet was divided into various steps, initially his goal was to lose 30 kilos with purifying fasts, at a later time he then began to take only liquid and creamy foods. He then gradually introduced other dishes in order to lose weight and lose weight in a healthy way.
Initially, the first piece of advice he was given was to reduce stress. He took supplements and baby food with a protein diet rich in lots of liquids and then included, always on the suggestion of a professional, others more consistent, but always paying attention to doses and portions. In short, in addition to what we eat we must be careful of the quantities, in short, we must not binge. Today Platinette claims to eat a little bit of everything, but don’t overdo it. In addition to healthy eating, he regularly played sports to burn calories, cycling and exercise bikes were his favorite activities.

The benefits of the Platinette diet
A diet like the one followed by Platinette undoubtedly requires special attention and dedication, but in her case, it was essential to lose the excess pounds. Thanks to this diet it was in fact possible to inhibit the sense of hunger. A very strict diet, perhaps not suitable for everyone, but which allowed him to gain agility, health and a healthier lifestyle.

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