Milan, Ibrahimovic: “I want the Scudetto. Giroud? It is welcome “| News

Milan, Ibrahimovic: “I want the Scudetto. Giroud? It is welcome “| News
Milan, Ibrahimovic: “I want the Scudetto. Giroud? It is welcome “| News

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan striker, gave an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport. Here are the words of the Swedish

Salvatore Cantone

June 4th

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan striker, gave an interview to the Gazzetta dello Sport microphones. Ibrahimovic proves to be more energized than ever for next season. The many injuries of the last year are just a memory: “I think my body is sick of my head. We will find a balance between my muscles and my will”.

Ibrahimovic, do you like how the media portray you?

“Each one does his job and expresses opinions. I know what I am and what I can do. I have faith in myself, always, this is the mentality that has brought me this far and I cannot and do not want to change it ».

Disappointed for the injury that deprived him of the European Championship?

«More disappointed for Milan, because I have missed so many matches. I would have liked to help more, I’m someone who normally plays 50 games a year. Maybe I should be more realistic, ask my body less, but I can’t. Then, of course, I am also disappointed for the European Championship, but re-entering a competition when I am not one hundred percent would not be like me. I prefer to stay out and cheer for Sweden ».

Worried about the turn of his participation in a betting company?

“No, because things are working out. I did nothing against the system, on the contrary, as soon as I returned to Europe I immediately tried to fix things ».

Speaking of Fifa, Uefa, free-kicks, what does Ibrahimovic think of the Superlega affair?

«I’m not very informed, but I can imagine the reasons that pushed those clubs to act: they are suffering economically, they have looked for a way to recover. Rather, it is strange that in certain countries like England it has become an affair between fans and clubs and no one has asked for anything from the players who stage the show. We are the ones who should play more or less ».

According to Ibrahimovic, do you play too much?

“I do not believe. When a player does not play he gets angry, if he plays too much it is said that it is too much. When the sun is out it is hot, when there is no sun there is no sun … We need to find a balance ».

At 39, would you like to play less?

“On the contrary, but maybe now I should learn to be more realistic and follow the messages of the body. Instead I don’t succeed and I always go to the maximum ».

Speaking of maximums, he talked about the economic difficulties of the clubs. Do players earn too much?

“What is earning too much?” Each has a value, it depends on how much you need that player. The value does the market. It’s like on the stock market ».

What made you suffer the most in the season that ended?

«The injuries, but still they have been, since I got back, eighteen fantastic months. Milan are in the Champions League, the fans deserved it. I wanted to win the Scudetto and we were there, in the lead … In recent months the mentality of the team has grown, the collective has grown and thus the individuals have improved ».

Ibrahimovic passes for an individualistic player, even a bit selfish. She is an Etoile, but she often talks about the corps de ballet.

«I like selfish, many are kings but there is only one god and it is me. But without my companions I am not going anywhere and I know it ».

How many times has he been angry this season?

“Everyday. I feel alive like this, in my opinion it is not bad to get angry. It is also a way to show how much you care about what you are doing and the people around you. If you always say that everything is fine, what kind of life is it? ».

Her new partner Maignan said that when he was a kid at PSG he answered her in kind and she appreciated.

Smile to Zlatan. “Sometimes I charge people like that. Sometimes you have to be tough, sometimes you have to be light. Sometimes I joke and sometimes I send a message. This time we reached the Champions League, that was the goal, but I want to win. It’s an ongoing challenge and I’m enjoying it. Now I have more responsibility, I feel more a leader. The relationship with the club is clear, the players have to work harder every day to bring Milan back to where it used to be ».

Speaking of leaders, are you sorry for Gigio Donnarumma?

“Very. You asked me before if the players earn too much, now I ask a question: what is Donnarumma worth? He grew up in Milan, he could have been the team’s goalkeeper for twenty years, maybe twenty not because he’s not Ibra ». Laugh. “But he’s the strongest in the world. He could have become Mister Milan, like Paolo Maldini. What value could be given to Maldini? There is no measure. I don’t know if Gigio goes away or not. It takes two to tango. I would tell him to stay at Milan until the end ».

Someone goes, someone will come. What does Ibrahimovic think of Giroud?

«The more top level players we manage to enter, the better. Giroud has great experience and we don’t have many players who have won trophies. If he comes he is welcome. Also because this is a very helpful group, who wants to learn and improve, a well-guided work group ».

And then there is she who is ready to be Pioli’s deputy.

More laughter. “I’ve already done it a year and a half. Now let’s look for other things to do ».

His friend Mourinho returns to Italy.

«A great challenge: as happened to me, he arrives in a club that is not the favorite and he was not used to it. But for this very reason it will be beautiful. And then Mourinho is a character, everything he says goes around the world. For Serie A it is a good purchase from all points of view ».

Allegri, his former coach, has returned to Juve.

«I’m happy, when I had it it was at the beginning, then it became a winner. Perhaps it would have been better to have an experience abroad to complete oneself, but not everyone is like Zlatan who takes his suitcase and goes to the others’ garden. Each one is made in his own way ».

Let’s say that Ancelotti is similar to her desire to travel …

«In Madrid, another great challenge ready for him too».

In Sanremo Ibrahimovic was very successful, those who do not follow football and did not know it found him sympathetic.

“It’s always like that, but the people around me know how I am. Many times I have asked Amadeus to tell me what I should do at the Festival. He asked me to be myself and I did it ».

Is Ibrahimovic always himself or does he wear a mask?

“Sometimes a little self-defense is needed, I don’t share my private life with others. It makes me smile who thinks they are always perfect in a world where you have eyes on you all the time. The perfect do not exist and when those who think they are perfect understand it, you know what a blow.

How do you see next season?

“There are teams that suffer financially after the pandemic and can no longer move as in the past. Atalanta and Milan seem to me to be the most solid clubs from this point of view. Then we will see what happens on the pitch. It will be like another chapter for Milan. A difficult championship, we will have to fight with Atalanta, Inter, Juve, Naples … A good balance. I will try to win it again, and with me my companions ».

Is there anything you would like to do in your life that you haven’t done yet?

“So far I’ve done what I wanted, then I don’t have any long-term plans. When I made them, the opposite of what I had anticipated usually happened. So I live for the day, carpe diem. What has to happen happens ».

Zlatan, did you give more football to you or did you to football?

«Football made me meet people, travel, experience different cultures. He gave me the life I have. What have I given? The most complete striker in the world ». Years go by, but not for Zlatan. Speaking of interviews, here’s our exclusive with agent De Santis.

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