Referendum on Justice, the openings of Goffredo Bettini on the questions of the Radicals and the League become a case in the Pd-

Referendum on Justice, the openings of Goffredo Bettini on the questions of the Radicals and the League become a case in the Pd-
Referendum on Justice, the openings of Goffredo Bettini on the questions of the Radicals and the League become a case in the Pd-

Goffredo Bettini tries to break one of the most deeply rooted taboos of the left, or, better, of most of it and, in particular, of the Democratic Party. That of separation of the careers of judges. He does so with a letter to Sheet in which he explains that “he cannot remain indifferent to the referendum questions posed by the Radical Party on the issue of justice”. Not all six convince him, but some certainly do. Bettini speaks in a “personal” capacity, and reiterates it, his position however shakes a Pd already shaken by the problems of candidacies in Calabria and in the Italian cities called to vote.

In the meeting of the Dem Political Committee, Enrico Letta almost glosses over the subject. But the secretary feels the blow, also because more than one pd supports Bettini’s reasoning. The same Andrea Orlando, in that meeting, he does not clearly reject Bettini’s position. They then come out into the open Massimiliano Smeriglio, the former governor of Tuscany Enrico Rossi and the renziano of dem school Andrea Marcucci. Letta, however, does not agree with this approach: “The referendum with a quorum of 50% goes nowhere, it is not a means of putting pressure on anything”, is his objection.

And while the radicals invite the Democratic Party to take an act of courage, Letta adds: “It would lengthen the time for a reform”. But there are also other reasons, of course, behind the secretary’s decision not to support the radicals in this battle, supported instead by Matteo Salvini and the Lega. “That is to say from those of the noose,” the dem leader jokes with some parliamentarian friends. According to Letta, in fact, “the time has come to end thirty years of civil war between justicialists and alternating current guarantors, those who agitate the guarantor to ask for impunity. Thanks to the authority and impartiality of Mario Draghi and Marta Cartabia we have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to all sit around one table and reform justice. Those who talk about referendums now use this tool as a way out to avoid sitting around that table ». The reference is obviously to Salvini and not to Bettini. So, for Letta, “now is the time. It will be difficult to carry out the reform afterwards, with governments of a different character ». Moreover, in the opinion of the leader of the dem the system of the reform envisaged by Cartabia is courageous and certainly not a downward compromise ». So, “if not now when,” Letta exhorts echoing a slogan of the feminists of the second hour.

In short, the secretary of the Democratic Party is convinced that any other initiative can frustrate parliamentary efforts and block important innovations such as those concerning the CSM.: the self-government of the judiciary, in the opinion of the dem leader in recent years has shown all its limits and the time has finally come for a reform in this field as well. Therefore Letta invites Cartabia and Draghi to “be very determined” and to move forward without delay on justice. Yet in the many statements of parliamentarians close to the secretary who reject Bettini’s idea, starting with the party’s Justice manager Anna Rossomando (“To speak of a referendum now is an act of distrust of Parliament and of delegitimization of government action”) we read a certain unease. Those questions in fact touch on “burning” topics for those who have decided to make the 5-star Movement their main ally: the separation of careers and pre-trial detention, to name just two. But Bettini, who was also one of the first ideologues in the Giallorossi alliance, is convinced of his positions: «I’m the son of a criminal lawyer and I don’t compromise on certain things. And in any case, the themes of the questions do not concern those touched by the Cartabia reform ». Indeed it is. But Letta swears she doesn’t feel “embarrassed”. And he refuses to pass as an executioner, so much so that he will shortly give an assignment to the former mayor of Lodi Simone Uggetti.

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