Epic Games: June 3 free PC game, download link

Epic Games: June 3 free PC game, download link
Epic Games: June 3 free PC game, download link

A new month has come, but the traditions never fade. Epic Games like every Thursday for several months offers several games that you can download at no additional cost. We remind you that the store, in addition to giving away titles, always has special offers active and for this reason we always invite you to constantly keep an eye on us to discover the recent news. Until a few minutes ago, the US company decided to give away one of the works that in a short time has become a real videogame phenomenon, we are obviously talking about Among Us, a multiplayer title developed and published by Innersloth sponsored and advertised by streamers around the world.

Also this week Epic Games wanted implement the same strategy last Thursday, that is to say not to reveal the title and to wait for 17:00 to surprise all the members. In fact, it seems that by running this system, the hype on the part of the players increased dramatically causing, at times, even a clogging on the part of the users. In addition to this it would seem that the titles proposed are of great value, actually two weeks ago the US company proposed the incredible NBA 2K21, a really promising triple A, while last week Among Us which, although it is not a ‘ mammoth work, it still manages to entertain thousands of users all over the world.

Well, the free game of these hours is Frostpunk, a survival video game developed and published by 11 bit studios. players take on the role of leader in a story post apocalyptic dystopian of the late nineteenth century, in which they have to build buildings, explore, manage the resources and citizens of a city during a world ice age. If you are passionate about the genre, we strongly recommend that you download it.

You can download Frostpunk comfortably on the Epic Games Store at this address. We remind you that you have time until 17:00 next Thursday, when Epic Games will delight us with another game as a gift.

If you are passionate about Fortnite, one of the flagship games by Epic Games, at this Amazon address you can buy the dedicated Monopoly.


Epic Games June free game download link

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