The best Insigne ever: certainty of Italy at the European Championships

The best Insigne ever: certainty of Italy at the European Championships
The best Insigne ever: certainty of Italy at the European Championships

For Insigne a paradoxical 2020/2021: in his best season, the captain of Napoli has failed the Champions and will be among the most anticipated at the European Championships.

Without landing in the Champions League in the best season of his career. Lorenzo Insigne experienced a 2020/2021 made up of applause and great performances, but also of blows and paradoxes: Supercoppa Italiana and Napoli-Verona, represent the faithful mirror of how a top year is sometimes not enough to obtain trophies and achieve results.

The blue captain knows it well, that blue (with a lot of 10 on the shoulders) is ready to dress also at the Olimpico in Rome when theItaly will baptize Euro 2020 challenging Turkey in the inaugural match on 11 June. And Mancini, rest assured, of Insigne will not do without. The 4-3-3 of the jesino coach marries wonderfully with the football DNA of the Neapolitan 24, able to hurt and guarantee coverage along a band – the left one – which by now Insigne knows by heart and has plowed to excess. In particular this year, in a – complicated – seasonal marathon that has often seen him be elected among the best in the field: as leader, as Captain with a capital ‘C’, proving that he has raised the bar.

This is the emblem of what happened in January, with the penalty failed in Reggio Emilia in the Super Cup against Juve and the one scored a few days later at the ‘Maradona’ by the bianconeri: a way to shake off the ghosts that had fallen upon him, a way to show that Insigne has grown up.

The last obstacle to hit the Champions League has not been overcome, Hellas has canceled the super comeback made by the Neapolitans between March and May and – like the rest of his teammates – Insigne is drowned in a chaos made of nervousness, psychological blocks and a bitterness caused by the 1-1 that placed Napoli in fifth place, leaving them out of the Europe of the greats. Insigne without titles or goals achieved in spite of a screaming 2020/21: it is football, it is proof that there is always something to grow and improve. Paradoxes in fact, which do not, however, cancel the good shown by the ‘Magnifico’.

The ‘ancelottian’ mutiny at the end of 2019 had caused a chasm in the relationship between Lorenzo and Naples, stitched up with difficulty between whistles, criticisms and a growing performance that gradually led to peace with the blue people. Much merit must be attributed to Gattuso, who entrusted Napoli to the talent of Frattamaggiore – despite the bad moment – in all respects. Technical and charismatic leader, Ringhio made him feel important by cutting with the past. Insigne this year has reciprocated to the sound of goals and capital tests, translated into significant numbers: 19 goals (some beautiful) and 11 assists in 48 games, data held up by quality and the desire to sacrifice.

The defensive races at the ninetieth seemed more precious than a goal made, emblem of how a decisive spring has been released in the captain’s head and that the band now weighs less. A crucial step in the professional career of the attacker, who has now become a sort of tip / hairpin / playmaker. A maturation process initiated by Rafa Benitez, continued – with a bang – by Maurizio Sarri and to which Gattuso was able to follow up, overwriting the parenthesis lived by Insigne under Ancelotti’s orders. With Carletto the premises and promises were high, very high, it is a pity that time has crumbled the desire to build something huge, leaving room for disagreements, role changes and a trend that has gradually become less and less positive. Until the arrival of Ringhio, who as admitted months ago to ‘Sky’ by Lorenzo himself has overturned the scenarios.

“It made me feel important right away, it took me back to where I prefer to play.”

The juice of the best Insigne ever is all here, in the feeling that broke out with a coach capable of touching the right strings in the boy’s head and putting him in the best conditions to make him perform at his best. It happened this year with Napoli, it has been happening since Mancini became Italy’s selector in place of Ventura.

The ‘Sarrista-like’ national team marked by Mancio was the right antidote with which Lorenzo also took on the other blue: from the debut on the bench of the Marche technician, that is Italy-Saudi Arabia on 28 May 2018, Insigne has collected 17 games, 3 goals and 6 assists, skipping the rest of the commitments for calculated turnover or physical trouble.

“Insigne is fundamental for us – Mancini pointed out to ‘RAI’ in the Spring – he is an important player for our game. “

A few days before the ‘first’ of the European Championships against Turkey, the left-handed box of Italy’s attacking trident already has an owner: Insigne Lorenzo (40 appearances and 7 goals in the national team), who shows up at the appointment with the lights on him and the gallons of potential star of the tournament. So Mancini decided, so he sanctioned the season played with his Napoli. Net of bitterness and paradoxes.

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