MAITE in jail, CAMINO willing to do anything for her

MAITE in jail, CAMINO willing to do anything for her
MAITE in jail, CAMINO willing to do anything for her

The arrest of Maite Zaldua (Ylenia Baglietto) will transform the young woman Pasamar Road (Aria Bedmar) into a true romantic heroine. In the next Italian episodes of A life, the girl will do everything to get her beloved out of prison and will not hesitate to go against her mother Felicia (Susana Soleto), who will consider responsible for what happened to the painter …

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Una Vita, news: Maite’s arrest

If you have followed our previous posts dedicated to advances you already know that everything will kick off the instant Felicia will find out from Liberto Mendez (Jorge Pobes) that Camino and Maite have a homosexual relationship. The restaurateur will therefore want to do everything possible to prevent Zaldua from continuing to attend her daughter, so much so that she will prevent the latter from leaving the house and will force her to attend Ildefonso Cortes (Cisco Lara).

In any case, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to what will happen on the wedding day between Felipe Alvarez Hermoso (Marc Parejo) and Genoveva Salmeron (Clara Garrido). When he is going to church with Felicia and her brother Emilio (Josè Pastor), Camino in spite of himself will find himself witnessing the arrest of Maite, accused of immoral acts and relationships forbidden by God and men.

Obviously, the young Pasamar will immediately accuse her mother of the “tragedy”, but Felicia will strongly deny her involvement.

A Life, Plots: Fireplace and the Laundress

So watch out for the next steps in the storyline: a few days after Maite’s arrest, Camino will be able to discover thanks to Liberto that his beloved has been denounced by a washerwoman.

Since she will also be able to count on Emilio’s help, who will decide to stay with her despite being opposed to the relationship with Zaldua, Pasamar will therefore have the opportunity to speak with the washerwoman in question, who will amaze her when he reveals that he acted in that way because the painter… seduced her daughter !!!!

Obviously Camino will not believe a single word of the washerwoman and will beg Liberto to move his acquaintances so that he can see Maite in prison. Indeed, the meeting will take place and Zaldua will assure Pasamar that she has not entered into a relationship with another girl. In short, it will be clear that the woman is lying, but for what reason?

Una Vita, spoiler: Camino willing to do anything to get Maite out of jail

While waiting to find out, we report that Camino, a few hours later, will receive a ring from Ildefonso, who will officially ask her to become his wife. Even if she does not give him an answer, the girl will decide to keep the gift, but will intend to deliver it to the washerwoman to “bribe” her and make her tell the whole truth about the complaint to Maite.

From this point of view, Camino will not give up even when Emilio tells her that Ildefonso could take it out on her if, upon her refusal of the wedding, he does not return the ring.

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In any case, among so many pains, a small possibility will open up for Maite: in fact, they will return to calle Acacias Susana (Amparo Fernandez) and uncle Armando (Antonio Lozano), still unaware of his arrest. Will the man, a diplomat by profession, intercede on behalf of his niece? To stay up to date on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

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