the revolt of the residents, 1,100 signatures to enclose the gardens –

the revolt of the residents, 1,100 signatures to enclose the gardens –
the revolt of the residents, 1,100 signatures to enclose the gardens –

A question of osmosis. The traffic of glasses and the excesses of nightlife that in recent weeks have been flooding Darsena and Colonne have also reached the Conca del Naviglio. Once an oasis for children, with an adjoining garden to celebrate leaving school. Now that green wedge has become a natural habitat for drug dealers and for the night queues of the worst youth around clubs. Thus was born the collection of signatures of the area committee: The silence of the lockdown made the whole neighborhood feel like the gardens became a place for rave parties that are held almost every evening, preferably in the children’s play area , spokesmen say.

Not even time to shout the problem and here are the first thousand and one hundred signatures. There is no curfew that holds, every night is worse, between broken glass and garbage. Thus was born the proposal to raise a barrier. By fencing the Attilio Rossi gardens to try to protect them from nocturnal excesses. An extreme solution, but in the meantime a solution. The second act of the protest will be Sunday: the committee organized a group spring cleaning in support of Amsa. From 9.30 to 13 the residents will show up with broom and bucket: It will be a moment of collective re-appropriation of a common space to be cultivated. During this year, more than ever, everyone has felt the importance of public green. Let’s say that the awakening from the hibernation of the lockdown was so and so. On Wednesday, to complete the deterioration picture, the fire at the illegal landfill at the corner of via Scaldasole. Here too, for some time now, residents have been asking the police for a clean break with the past: the clearing of that space already a den of drug dealers. Wednesday afternoon the flames extinguished by the fire brigade. Black smoke, so much anger.

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