“If I were him I would not run calmly” – Libero Quotidiano

“If I were him I would not run calmly” – Libero Quotidiano
“If I were him I would not run calmly” – Libero Quotidiano

Vittorio Feltri

03 June 2021

With the bowls stopped and after a short reflection, it is possible to discuss the release of Giovanni Brusca, 64, a terrifying criminal record: there is talk of over 100 murders, including those of the magistrate Falcone and a child dissolved in acid to make him disappear after death. Just to remember the criminal prowess of this individual the chills come and one is assailed by disgust. Obviously people have learned with anger of the release of Brusca having served 25 years in prison. He cannot understand that a mafioso who has shed so much blood and pain can leave his cell and rejoin the civil consortium. In some cases, faced with atrocious crimes, the death penalty is evoked, it is normal that a more suitable punishment is not thought of because the offense inflicted on the community is irreparable.

But beware dear readers, I agree that a serial killer like the one we are dealing with deserves the same cruelty he expressed when he committed very serious crimes. But we must take into account an unequivocal fact: Italy has long since repudiated the death penalty and decided to cancel it from the codes. Therefore it cannot be decreed. Furthermore, Falcone himself was an illustrious victim of the bloody picciotto to propose a reward law to encourage the phenomenon of repentance: if the murderer confesses and collaborates with the justice system, he must take advantage of some facilitation, which encourages him to sing, in order not to be sentenced to life imprisonment but to heavy imprisonment.

And Brusca, once arrested, did this: he told in detail his exploits as a murderer, without forgetting the complicity he benefited from. At this point, since the law is the same for everyone, including criminals, after two and a half decades he got what he was entitled to, get out of jail. From the ethical point of view this is repugnant, but from the technical-judicial one it is a legitimate act, I would say dutiful. In the shoes of him I would not circulate calmly in Sicily where he sowed so much mourning, I would be afraid that some family member of the people whose life he took would take revenge and kill me. The rest is just chat that does not affect reality. However, popular sentiments must be respected and understood. In the face of a cruel and ruthless massacre, it is impossible not to feel a strong revulsion.

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