Autistic boy leaves home after three years, bullies insult him and throw eggs

Autistic boy leaves home after three years, bullies insult him and throw eggs
Autistic boy leaves home after three years, bullies insult him and throw eggs

He left the house after three years for the first time, but a group of bullies mocked him and threw him two eggs. We are in Villaggio Prenestino, on the eastern outskirts of Rome, for Matteo and his mother Sara Wednesday was an evening to forget. “They do not realize the damage they have done to my son,” his mother told our newspaper, recounting what happened, waiting for the perpetrators of the gesture to apologize to both of them.

Matteo is a big boy with clear eyes and intense gaze, he is the symbol of the fight against autism and testimonial of an organization that bears his name ‘I Colori di Matteo’, founded by mother Sara, a small but strong and determined woman who , focusing on sport and inclusion, wants to demonstrate how autism should never be seen as an obstacle: since 2019 it has been promoting sport and social projects, such as ‘Let’s kick autism’ created in collaboration with ASD Ponte di Nona .

Wednesday evening, Sara and Matteo were walking down the driveway to the street: “He hasn’t left the house for three years, but for a few weeks I’ve been able to take him at least along the back street, get to the end, check that his place and return to the house. Last night (Wednesday night ed) while we were in the street a car passed with three guys on board who as soon as they saw us started laughing. They shot four or five times and threw something ”said Sara, who is still very tired in the aftermath.

“At this scene I put myself in front of my son, like a shield to protect him and brought him back home – he added – At this juncture, the boys passed again and shouted” ‘a obese! ” to Matteo. I know that my son is robust but they do not know that behind his weight, unfortunately, there is also something else: autism ”. In the aftermath of the episode Sara returned to the street and found another egg as well. What she asks for her and her son is that the authors of the gesture apologize to both of them.

“Matteo is now scared, he hasn’t slept and I don’t know if and when it will still be possible to get him out of the house – concluded mum Sara – They don’t realize the damage they have done. It’s easy to bully when you’re in a group. What do they know what autism is? Let them come here to apologize to him and to me ”. Finally: “I am moved by the solidarity I am receiving, I was very impressed to read a message that read ‘they touched Matteo, they touched the son of all of us'”.


Autistic boy leaves home years bullies insult throw eggs

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