advances by Giulia De Lellis

advances by Giulia De Lellis
advances by Giulia De Lellis

Love Island Italia will open its doors on 7 June 2021, but during the press conference, which took place on 3 June, Giulia De Lellis and her staff revealed some small previews.

Love Island Italia: the previews

The Love Island Italia press conference, staged on Thursday 3 June 2021, anticipated something of what we will see on Discovery+. The program conducted by Giulia De Lellis will debut on June 7 and fan expectations are quite high.

The presenter, at least until now, has always been a great success in every adventure. From his first book to web fiction, passing through Giortì: the most loyal followers never lose sight of the feats of their Giulietta.

Love Island, whose soundtrack is signed by Shade, is a reality show, but also a game. Two groups of singles will live in a beautiful villa, divided into couples. The location is Gran Canaria and the competitors will stay there for four weeks.

Among them, those who will succeed, even with possible exchanges of the partner, to to fall in love and to get to the end, they will win the prize pool. The home audience will have a lot of power: through theofficial app of Love Island will influence the dynamics between competitors.

Participants in Giulia De Lellis’ program are aged between 19 and 30 and the motto with which they were welcomed into the villa is “It is forbidden to remain single“.

Love Island Italia: Giulia De Lellis speaks

During the Love Island Italia press conference, the presenter appeared excited as never before. She, who found love on TV with Andrea Damante – now her ex-boyfriend – is proof that everyone can lose their minds in front of the cameras.

«There are people hesitant to find love on TV. In my opinion you can fall in love anywhere. The fact that he is here is not to be taken for grantedDe Lellis admitted.

And it is to encourage the attendees that the walls of the villa were filled with positive messages. The Love Island Italia live broadcast, the only one through which you can interact, is broadcast in premium mode. While, the day after the broadcast, the replica su Real Time.

«One of my goals this year was to host a TV show, I’m so excited. I’m trying hard, I feel charged and the situation around me is motivating me. I can’t wait for everything to start»Concluded Giulia.

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