Love Island, here are all the competitors and the statements of Giulia De Lellis

The next 7 June will begin Love Island Italia, il reality show it will be conducted by Giulia De Lellis is will be available on Discovery+. The ten “lovers” have been revealed, the contestants of the program who are ready to fall in love. Let’s see who they are. Antonino (28 years – Palermo) is a competitive boxer and defines himself as an outgoing, determined and bold boy. From an early age he had a lively character and in fact his grandparents called him “Small earthquake”. Likes to joke and make new friends. His friends have nicknamed him ‘the truck’ because he always carries a ‘trouble truck’ with women.Cristina (23 years old – Mantua) is an Italian-Thai girl and is sweet, dreamer and sunny. She is a make-up lover, has a passion for twerking enough to teach it and works as a shop assistant. In love he says he is looking for the perfect and romantic story like that of his parents.

Love Island competitors Giulia De LellisCesare (27 years old – Florence) is very attached to his family, two years ago he opened a grill with a friend of his. He is a sporty type and is passionate about motorcycles. He broke off a relationship after a long time, it was the most painful and difficult decision of his life, but not being in love anymore, he preferred to tell the truth, albeit painful, to his ex-partner. Now he is ready for new adventures.

Love Island competitors Giulia De LellisGiulia (23 years old – Pesaro) is an active, enterprising girl with an overwhelming sympathy. Her strengths are red hair and freckles, which she hid with makeup as a child because of teasing. Giulia is currently unemployed and lives in Rome. In love she defines herself as a huntress with many arrows, but as soon as she falls in love she does so without restraints.

Love Island competitors Giulia De LellisChristian (23 years old – Milan) is a warehouse worker and Zumba instructor. He was born in Italy to a family originally from Cameroon to which he is very attached. He is a sunny boy with music in his blood. In love he is proud, romantic and touchy, but never manages to stay engaged for long.

Juliet (23 years old – Alessandria) is a model and lives in Milan with her best friend. Russian mother and Neapolitan father, she says she can be both cold and reserved as well as overwhelming and passionate. He has a long coexistence behind him and is very rational and mature. Today Juliet he wants to finally live a romantic and carefree love.

Daniel (21 years old – Carrara) arrived in Italy at the age of two with his family, of Romanian origin. He started working on the construction site as a young man and continued his studies at evening schools. She has opened her own construction company, but she is also a model. He has been engaged for a long time, but for some years now he has been a true Don Juan, to the regret of his father who would like him in a serious relationship.

Love Island competitors Giulia De LellisMonica (24 years old – Rome) has a degree in economics and is in charge of the family real estate company after the death of her father. She had to grow up right away, hates wasting time on useless things and is very mature for her young age. She also had a very long relationship that she only cultivated because it felt right and not because she was really in love. She defines herself as an incurable romantic ea Love Island Italia look for a love that makes butterflies in her stomach.

Love Island competitors Giulia De LellisDenis (24 years old – Padua) is a former basketball player and is now a model. After joining the national team he left the sport for love, but unfortunately the relationship did not go well. From that moment on he tells himself that he is no longer willing to suffer such ‘rip-offs’. He is very confident and seeks a serious and lasting story, but claims that the girls he has met so far have been drawn to his status symbol.

Rebeca -Love IslandRebeca she is 23 years old, lives in the province of Milan with her mother and has a degree in human sciences. She defines herself as strong, stubborn and impulsive, but under her armor she hides a sweet and sensitive soul. After her last complicated relationship she totally lost faith in the male gender. The too bold guys get bored right away and she decided to join Love Island to find true love.

Also, today was the press conference and the from Lellis stated that if she had been single she would have liked to attend Love Island. The influencer, in his first experience at the presentation of a program, confessed:

Maria De Filippi is the absolute example of a conductor. Create great relationships with the people who work with you. I hope to be like her, objective and not detached, with her linguistic competence. I don’t want to influence the kids.

Giulia he also denied the rumors spread by the Corriere della Sera:

I ignore the criticism, am I successful because I’m good? Never said, indeed, when they called me I thought they were giving me a great responsibility. One of my goals this year was to host a TV show, I’m so excited. I’m trying hard, I feel charged and the situation around me is motivating me. I can’t wait for everything to start.

And you will follow Love Island?

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