Ibra: “Giroud is welcome. Gigio? He could have become Mister Milan like Maldini”

Ibra: “Giroud is welcome. Gigio? He could have become Mister Milan like Maldini”
Ibra: “Giroud is welcome. Gigio? He could have become Mister Milan like Maldini”

At this moment he should have been in retirement with his Sweden to prepare for the European Championship which will start in a week, but unfortunately a knee injury forced Zlatan Ibrahimovic to forfeit. Interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport, the Swede spoke about his physical problem as follows: “Are I disappointed by the injury that deprived me of the European Championship? More disappointed for Milan, because I missed so many matches. I’m someone who normally plays 50 games a year. Maybe I should be more realistic, ask my body for less, but I can’t. Then, of course, I’m also disappointed for the European Championship, but to rejoin a competition when I’m not at the one hundred percent would not be like me. I prefer to stay out and cheer for Sweden. ”

INJURIES – In the season that has just ended, injuries have affected his year a lot: “What made me suffer the most in the season that ended? The injuries, but in any case they have been, since I returned, eighteen months They are fantastic. Milan are in the Champions League, the fans deserved it. I wanted to win the Scudetto and we were there, in the lead … In recent months the mentality of the team has grown, the collective has grown and thus the individuals improve “.

CASE DONNARUMMA – Ibra then also commented on the failure to renew Gigio Donnarumma with Milan: “I am very sorry. You first asked me if the players earn too much, now I ask a question: what value does Donnarumma have? He grew up in Milan, could it be the goalkeeper of the team for twenty years, maybe twenty not because he is not Ibra (he smiles, ed). But he is the strongest in the world. He could have become Mister Milan, like Paolo Maldini. What value could he give to Maldini? “It’s a measure. Whether Gigio is going away or not I don’t know. It takes two to tango. I would tell him to stay at Milan until the end.”

COMING GIROUD – In the Rossoneri, Olivier Giroud could arrive: “The more high level players we manage to enter, the better. Giroud has great experience and we don’t have many players who have won trophies. If he comes he is welcome. Also because this is a very group. available, willing to learn and improve, a well-guided work group “.


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