Coronavirus in the world: two billion doses administered

Coronavirus in the world: two billion doses administered
Coronavirus in the world: two billion doses administered

According to an assessment by France Presse, more than two billion doses of vaccines against Covid-19 have been administered worldwide and several states have decided to open vaccination to people over 12 years old, while the G7 health ministers have meet to discuss new ways of immunization.

At least 2,019,696,022 doses were injected in 215 countries or territories, less than six months after the first vaccination campaigns began in December 2020. Outside of micro-states, Israel remains the country with the most advanced vaccination campaign , with nearly six in ten Israelis already fully vaccinated. Leading also countries such as Canada (59% of the population received at least one dose there), the United Kingdom (58.3%), Chile (56.6%) and the United States (51%), while in in the EU, 254.98 million doses have been administered to 39% of its inhabitants.

The delay of Africa

In Africa, hit by a new increase in cases, vaccine deliveries are almost at a standstill, the World Health Organization (WHO) denounced Thursday. Only 2% of Africans to date have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Of the six countries that have not yet vaccinated, four are in Africa: Tanzania, Burundi, Chad and Eritrea.

Africa is not ready to face a third wave of pandemic, the WHO has also warned. “Many hospitals and clinics in Africa are far from ready to face a drastic increase in the number of critically ill patients,” warned Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, regional director of the Organization.

Vaccines donated by the USA

The United States has announced that it will administer 60 million doses of vaccines overseas via the Covax system and 20 million doses to its “immediate neighbors”. So that vaccination does not remain a privilege of “high-income” countries in the sense of the World Bank (16% of humanity but 37% of the doses injected), today the health ministers of the great powers of the G7 Oxford are meeting to discuss sharing vaccines with poor countries. “We will work to try to achieve the goal of making the vaccine available worldwide,” promised British Health Minister Matt Hancock upon his arrival. Several countries have also decided to open up vaccination to teenagers.

Great Britain, quarantine for those arriving from Portugal

The UK has announced the return of mandatory quarantine of up to ten days for passengers arriving from Portugal. This measure is explained by the almost doubling of the Covid-19 positivity rate in this country and the presence of a “kind of Nepalese mutation” of the Delta variant, according to Transport Minister Grant Shapps.

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