Did Chiara Ferragni pretend to be vaccinated? The hoax runs on the web

Did Chiara Ferragni pretend to be vaccinated? The hoax runs on the web
Did Chiara Ferragni pretend to be vaccinated? The hoax runs on the web

The latest web trend is on Chiara Ferragni and it concerns the veracity of the vaccination of the well-known influencer. It is said, in fact, that Ferragni is fake vaccinated.

The news is somewhat amusing, but it turned out to be – as could have easily been imagined – one hoax. That’s what it is.

Is Chiara Ferragni vaccinated?

The answer to the vaccine question is yes: yes, Chiara Ferragni got vaccinated against Covid-19.

To make the news public was the famous influencer who, of all social media, chose Instagram to communicate the news to followers. Star among all influencers, Chiara Ferragni she was excited about the vaccination.

It is precisely on Instagram, in fact, that Chiara Ferragni defines that of vaccination as “Such an exciting moment that it seemed so far away and it finally happened. The well-known influencer – as usual on Instagram – also posts the photo of the event next to all her emotion expressed in words.

What’s the oddity about the vaccine then?

So far, between photos and posts, nothing strange. But then, Doubts arise among fans: in the photo posted by Chiara Ferragni, in fact, the arm on which the vaccine is inoculated is clearly the left arm.

However, in a later photo, the patch magically appears on the other arm, the right. Needless to say, the attentive fans notice it and that comments and controversies they go wild against the young businesswoman.

Queen among all the accusations is the one in which the young and famous influencer is expressly pointed out to pretending to receive the vaccine dose; straight accusation precisely on the basis of the incongruity on the alleged arm and proven by photographic finds that are nothing short of “irrefutable”.

That Ferragni pretended to be vaccinated is a hoax: the funny denial

What fans have not put into account, however, is that, in today’s world, most of the photos are taken with the mobile phone and that the latter has – now almost always – two video cameras, one front and one rear.

The fact that Ferragni pretended to have the vaccine it’s a whole hoax. In fact, the front camera of the phone (the one that everyone uses to take selfies) flips the images. This thing is not new to any of us who have a cell phone and on this basis the denial of Chiara Ferragni immediately arrived.

Fortunately, as added evidence, the businesswoman has a visible one on the arm that did not receive the inoculated dose of vaccine tattoo. The correspondence of the same was a further proof of the veracity of the influencer.

The answer to all his conspiracy fans

Chiara Ferragni is a supporter of the “Let’s all get vaccinated” to be able to return as soon as possible to live the tranquility of life and, in this sense, sensitize millions of its followers.

Amazed by the insinuations of the fans she considered conspiracy theorists, Ferragni explained that she took the accusations with laughter and replied to those who accused her by explaining the obvious fact of theinversion of image implemented by the internal camera of the mobile phone.

The arm “Without lion tattoo” is that of the vaccine. However, to yours “Conspiracy fans” the explanation was not enough in any way and what is a funny hoax about the fiction of Ferragni in the vaccination phase, is still circulating on the web.

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