Inzaghi-Zhang summit. Via Hakimi and perhaps Lautaro “

Inzaghi-Zhang summit. Via Hakimi and perhaps Lautaro “
Inzaghi-Zhang summit. Via Hakimi and perhaps Lautaro “

Colleague Bucchioni on TMW: Massimiliano Allegri’s Great Return to the Continassa, in the Juventus home, lasted just over three hours. Two years later he is back again and the effect will have been pleasant, the scent of revenge is priceless.

Allegri talked about everything before focusing on the market. He took stock of the organization of the retreat, the facilities and the logistician with the staff introducing some new faces.

But with Cherubini, of course, the foundations for the market were laid. There were essentially five strong themes.

1) Ronaldo’s future

2) The position of Dybala

3) The director

4) Morata or another center forward

5) The goalkeeper between Szczesny and Donnarumma

It is clear that the strong theme is Cristiano Ronaldo. Allegri had already reiterated at the time, during informal talks with Andrea Agnelli, when he was still thinking of going to Real Madrid, that it would be difficult to continue with Ronaldo. All the more so today.

Beyond the value of the player that no one discusses even at 36, his presence is cumbersome in a team to be rebuilt and where there is a difficult coexistence for three years with the other top player in the squad, namely Dybala . But, beyond what Juve and Allegri think, even Ronaldo himself has understood that his time at Juve is over and to continue winning he must change.

Where will it go?

The tracks are more or less the same, a player like that with a salary of 30 million or so, if only PSG, Real and United can afford it.

Another great return, that of Carlo Ancelotti to Real, could open horizons. The coach has already publicly admitted that Ronaldo would gladly take it back, but Florentino Perez knows that too many heated soups can ruin the kitchen. And since he promised Ancelotti some great blows to convince him to come back and above all if the fans expect it after a year of lean cows, the strategy is there. Real is about to inaugurate its new mega Bernabeu and the reopening will have to coincide with a great Blancos team and a relaunch at the height of an ultra-modern and ultra-expensive structure. The idea is to go and get Mbappè from Paris Saint Germain and not to get in the way of Ronaldo at all. The operation makes sense.

Mbappè is very strong, but he is also young and a face that does not yet hole up at international level. He does not have the appeal of a Messi, of a Christian, but also of Neymar and then the Sheikh Al Khelaifi would have thought of a Ronaldo-Neymar couple for his PSG, but also to have two super testimonials for the world championship in its Qatar next year. Furthermore, Ronaldo, with his character, his charisma and being a winner, could also be used by PSG to take the last step in the Champions League. In fact, the French team lacked personality in a couple of key matches and Ronaldo could be more effective than Mbappè in certain situations.

Mendes, Ronaldo’s super-prosecutor, is working on this and he will surely find a solution with the blessing of Allegri who wants to relaunch and put the inspiration of Dybala at the center of his project, to whom the contract renewal will be subjected to ten million net.

Yesterday it was reiterated that there are no second thoughts, the new Juventus will be born around the Argentine who will make the striker free to wander where his footballing wisdom takes him behind a first striker.

Who will be the reference striker?

Allegri would gladly keep Morata, but the renewal of the loan is complicated and Atletico are asking for important figures. The name of Icardi is back in fashion, which Allegri would have already gladly taken in his last year at Juventus.

And Ronaldo at PSG with Icardi in black and white has become a track to be followed carefully.

Allegri would also have suggested trying an exchange with Pogba, his never forgotten old ball, but this operation seems more complicated and United have less motivation for Ronaldo.

However, the midfielder chapter is open. Pjanic has been sending smoke signals for days, but is it logical to turn the clock back two years?

Already there is the return of the coach with all the risks involved, a 31-year-old player like Pjanic who among other things has played very little, could have contraindications. Instead of returning to the past it would be more logical to build a different, younger, more motivated Juve, as Allegri had asked Agnelli. And so we arrive at Locatelli, 23, already mature, a director in front of the defense, but also inside the leg and intelligence. Forty million are needed and Sassuolo will not wait long since Ancelotti also likes it and has already asked Florentino.

The last of the big themes is the goalkeeper. Allegri would gladly keep Szczesny, but he certainly does not say no to Donnarumma, the company will have to make the evaluation. The former AC Milan player obviously intrigues. It is an expensive operation, but on a free transfer, getting a good top goalkeeper for the next twenty years is not a trivial matter. The silence of recent weeks and the feeling that the track has cooled down is only due to the fact that Juve is probing to see if there is a real possibility of placing Szczesny who earns seven million net. If the Pole starts a minute later, Juve calls Raiola for Donnarumma.

These, in principle, the lines drawn. Allegri also would have wanted a rejuvenation, but he was convinced that people like Chiellini or Bonucci can still be important in helping young defenders grow. Starting with De Ligt. There is a question mark on Demiral, Allegri wants to evaluate it, but another central will be needed. On the left winger, the return of Allegri relaunches Alex Sandro, but a new man will be sought. Unless Allegri continues to work on Bernardeschi as Pirlo did.

Since yesterday Simone Inzaghi is also official at Inter. Last night there was a long meeting at dinner between the new coach, the president Zhang and the entire Nerazzurri management who certainly will not have hidden the difficulties. The joke circulated at the restaurant was one and only one: who pays? The interior. Let’s smile at each other.

After twenty years in Lazio, the coach seemed a bit confused in his first Inter day, but it’s all normal. The inheritance he collects is heavy and the moment complicated. Inzaghi knows that he will not be able to ask for anything from the market, only exchange transactions, return of Nerazzurri on loan or new loans. The economic crisis and the heavy indebtedness will force to sell Hakimi (PSG management), but one sacrifice alone will not be enough and this was basically told to Inzaghi who, moreover, knew the situation well. Lukaku said clearly that he wants to stay, the real capital gain could then come from Lautaro on whom Barcelona has been there for some time. Inzaghi would have asked only to close the operations as soon as possible in order to be able to start working as fully as possible.

Conte, meanwhile, is talking to Tottenham. His requests for the renewal of the squad seemed too deep for Real who, as we know, recalled Ancelotti. Now the work plans have been re-proposed equal to the English who are reflecting. The offer also reached Paratici who will officially leave Juve today after eleven years. Will he partner with Conte? Possible, but United is also on the former Juventus manager.

Inzaghi’s farewell has put in crisis Lotito who had prepared himself, but not very well. From the casting of the last few days Maurizio Sarri is coming out the winner, but when two strong personalities like that of the Lazio president and the Tuscan coach meet, never say never. Last night they met in Rome, for dinner near Formello. The meeting lasted six hours, it went on late. It is difficult to understand what will happen, Lotito is not used to paying the coaches four million euros and Sarri does not seem willing to drop too much from the 6.5 he took from Juventus. And also the team-renewal theme is not to be discarded after so many years of Inzaghi something will have to be changed, starting with the slightly worn director Leiva. Lazio intrigues Sarri and Lotito has drawn good impressions.

Today we should move on to the final phase with the agent of the Tuscan coach Fali Ramadani.

And Spalletti? It shudders. After two years of hiatus he has many things in mind, including tactics. Napoli have a good squad, but there will be some renewal. Lozano could start with a capital gain, it is one of the names of Ancelotti who, however, has above all Kalidou Koulibaly in mind. The gigantic power plant could bring fresh money to ADL which it must renew with Insigne. And this is another theme: renew or say hello? But also pay attention to Fabian Ruiz relaunched by Gattuso.

The new Napoli coach for Napoli would like Bakayoko, one of his loyalists. The midfielder has returned to Chelsea, but the Blues still gladly turn him on loan. It can be done. Fiorentina is also looking for the Oliveira-Corona del Porto duo, offering thirty million. The winds for the midfielder were basically accepted (there is an agreement with the player) while for the Mexican the evaluation is higher. However, Commisso wants to deliver a brand new Fiorentina to Gattuso to relaunch football in Florence and this is certain.

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