Nestlé admits: its products are harmful to health

Nestlé admits: its products are harmful to health
Nestlé admits: its products are harmful to health

Nhad never happened before: Nestlé, Swiss multinational with a turnover of 91.43 billion francs per year (2018 estimate), publicly admitted that most of its products are unhealthy. They are not good, they are harmful.

In an internal document, viewed by Financial Times and widespread among the top managers of the company at the beginning of 2021, it emerged that over 60 percent of the multinational’s products cannot be defined as healthy. And it is also useless to make too much effort: some of these foods and drinks never will “Regardless of attempts to renew them.”

Nestlé, only 37% of products reach sufficiency on the “health” scale

The data reported in the document certify that only 37% of the group’s products achieve the 3.5-star rating, according to the Australian system which provides a range from 1 to 5 stars. On the other hand, the products considered unhealthy have not been specifically reported.

The only data that can lead to their summary identification indicate that 96 per cent of beverages and 99 per cent of confectionery and ice cream products of the company did not exceed the minimum score of 3.5, and 82 percent of the flavored waters and the 60 percent of dairy products sold by Nestlé.

Excluded from this survey are the pet food, coffee, formula milk and some foods intended for people with certain medical conditions, which would have raised the average of products considered “healthy”.

Nestlè laboratories (Instagram).

Nestlé: “We will do better”

Needless to say, these company admissions have unleashed protests around the world: Nestlé has been championing one for years healthy lifestyle obtained thanks to nutrition, and now denies all the claims made over the years at once.

Among the products of the Swiss giant there are names of great consumption that we find and probably buy for years in supermarkets. Among these, Perugina, Galak, Smarties, Buitoni, Maggi, Fitness Cereals, Cheerios, Acqua Panna, Levissima and San Pellegrino, Nesquik… and many others.

Nestlé – whose slogan is “Good food, good life”- to avoid an incredible drop in turnover, he tried to patch up by announcing that will update its nutritional and health strategy.

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Sugar cut in progress

He then remembered having reduced the amount of sugar and sodium in its products by around 14-15% over the past seven years. In addition, he explained of be hard at work to continue making its products healthier. These statements, however, are a small consolation for those who have fed themselves and their family for years with products that – now it is certified – harm health.


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