but doubts remain about the effectiveness- Corriere.it

but doubts remain about the effectiveness- Corriere.it
but doubts remain about the effectiveness- Corriere.it

one of the most talked about Covid vaccines. Yet the World Health Organization has validated it so that it can be distributed to economically disadvantaged countries under the Covax program (UN agency). The Beijing government donated 10 million doses. And so the compound of the Chinese state company SinoVac, declared effectiveness of 60% on paper, will go to those who can not afford better. The WHO is not a regulatory agency for medicines like Ema (the European body) and the Fda (American), so the green light does not have a scientific value but a humanitarian one. Technically a compliance approval.

The list of emergency drugs

The preparation will be included in the list of emergency drugs after safety, efficacy and quality have been verified, as the general manager Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus happily announced that in this year and a half dealing with the pandemic it cannot be said shone. One of the advantages of the SinoVac would be its handling: easy to store, it is administered in two stages. Turkey and Chile who used it first did not have a positive experience. The Financial Times reports on doubts regarding the real effectiveness: 50.4%, just over 50% which is considered the limit beyond which a medicine is considered vital. In fact, the infections have not stopped. The vaccine was developed by Beijing-based Sinovac Life Sciences based on the old inactivation system. Sars-CoV-2 is essentially killed by a chemical called propiaolactone. the same technology of another Chinese discovery, the Sinopharm, also validated by the WHO a month ago, also with a not exactly authoritative business card. Authorized by 32 countries and jurisdictions including the Seychelles where the campaign was not successful.

Doubtful effectiveness

Despite the 38 thousand inoculations carried out until the beginning of May, the epidemic did not stop and there would have been cases of infection in a third of the immunized. In April, China admitted for the first time the low effectiveness of its anti Covid preparations: They don’t have a very high protection rate, said Gao Fu, head of the center for disease control and prevention. To optimize the yield, it was thought to adjust the dosage and the interval between the two inoculations. And now comes the announcement of the WHO that suggests a maneuver of political convenience. Just yesterday Jose Manuel Barroso, chairman of the board of directors of the Gavi organization (Alliance for vaccines, which works with Covax) announced that he had raised 2.4 billion dollars and had a total of 9.6 billion available for cover the shortcomings of poor countries. The funds come from donor governments, including Italy. Among the Chinese vaccines sold by China also to European states (Hungary) there is that of CanSino which works differently. ‘based on viral vector technology, the same as that of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson: an inactivated adenovirus carries the vaccine substance into the body.

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doubts remain effectiveness Corriereit

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