“We regenerate the spaces in distress” – Corriere.it

“We regenerate the spaces in distress” – Corriere.it
“We regenerate the spaces in distress” – Corriere.it

The name is quite a program. But to fill that “void” you also need a lot of imagination and even more imagination. Fifteen months of the pandemic left cultural rubble everywhere. Cinemas and theaters now open their doors ajar, between contingent entrances and health protocols. Artists pay for all the worst effects of smart working: from one cave to another, the spaces to tell about oneself are reduced to a minimum.

Thus was born the collective “Apparent empty”: five young people who try to mix the few cards available in the present deck above. Forming an association that tries to connect the dots. By connecting young artists with many beautiful things in the drawer for the rest of the world to see and the still half-empty spaces of cinemas and theaters.

So from tomorrow morning a great collective exhibition of public art begins: Parenti, Litta, Arcimboldi and Martinitt, passing through Anteo, Beltrade and Zelig, the first works will face the street in front of the rooms like many small installations. Independent rooms or experimentation centers. From Niguarda to Città Studi, from Porta Romana to Ortica.

An experience born between February and March in Naples, under the name of survival (rather than battle) of «Exit strategy», which now finds its most natural extension in Milan, home of contamination. «We consider it a moment of creative repression and mutual solidarity absolutely necessary in this phase in which lockdown and the progressive closures have extinguished almost all cultural initiatives ”, says Martina Mozzati, one of the five souls of the new project.

It costs nothing, in the sense that the works will all be accessible for free from the street, 24 hours a day. The showcases, usually lent to programming, the shop windows and foyers will be exploited above all. It costs nothing, but in the meantime it slightly shakes the still waters that the pandemic has generated everywhere. A widespread exhibition that involves the entire metropolitan network, from the suburbs to the center, with two ancient objectives that Milan has long been the spokesperson for: social inclusion and territorial enhancement. Two objectives that the Covid wave has shaken, making them at times pieces of a utopia to be recomposed.

A bill launched throughout the month of June, but with the prospect of at least lasting the rest of the summer in the hope that September will bring back normality even within the cinemas. Hence the large numbers linked to extensive programming.

An initiative, immediately sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, which could soon involve new spaces, perhaps in turnover with others. A mobile schedule in which the philosophy of the single episode counts more. There are currently seven theaters and four cinemas involved. With 11 artists at work, from Yara Piras, Flavia Albu, Lucas Memmola and Vincenzo Zancana. «They will have the opportunity to meet citizens informally, donating their works to accompany them on their daily journeys – continues Martina, daughter of Michele Mozzati, 50 percent of the duo Gino & Michele -. We want to build a sort of uninterrupted dialogue, creating new opportunities ».

There are four other boys with her, Chiara Spenuso, Alessandro De Agostini, Marco Siracusano and Tommaso Putzolu. There is the curator, the producer, the PR, the artistic director and the graphic designer. All under 30, each with their own story behind them, but the same mission ahead: to reconnect the social plug. «To the difficulties of a machine that has to start again, the desire of the art world to regain possession of a design thought and to combine the resources for the realization of a new design for the present – say the five -. The eighth art is the meeting of the first seven ».

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