“That day I saw Anna Corona, here’s what she did”

“That day I saw Anna Corona, here’s what she did”
“That day I saw Anna Corona, here’s what she did”

The case of the disappearance of Denise Pipitone is enriched with new testimonies. To try to understand what really happened on 1 September 2004 in Mazara Del Vallo, Live Life interviewed Mr. Vito, the owner of the hotel where he worked at the time Anna Corona, ex-wife of the natural father of the missing child. To the microphones of the correspondent of the transmission conducted by Alberto Matano the man said: «That day I saw Anna Corona, she stayed in the hotel until noon. The staff ate at that time. I remember it because at lunch she took some good fruit that was for the customers, I called her back and pointed it out to her. He ate an egg in the pan. Until noon I’m sure he was there, after that I can’t get my hands on the fire. “

Denise Pipitone, revelation to Who saw it: «Jessica hated her. He wanted to make Piera Maggio pay for it “

And on the possibility that Jessica Pulizzi and the sister went to the hotel on the day of Denise’s disappearance and that Anna Corona left earlier, the owner comments: «I didn’t see the girls coming, I don’t know if anyone saw them. It was possible to access the laundry room from the garage, but from the reception you could see who was going in and who was going out. If Anna Corona went out earlier that day, someone saw her ». Matano concludes: “Some eyes may have seen something and are not telling it.”


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