Alitalia, revenues down by 80%. Another postponement for salaries

Alitalia, revenues down by 80%. Another postponement for salaries
Alitalia, revenues down by 80%. Another postponement for salaries

Without the release of the 100 million euros envisaged in the Support bis in favor of Alitalia, the company is unable to credit 50% of the salaries not yet paid to the accounts of employees. The alarm was raised by the special commissioners who are managing the former national airline while waiting for the transition to the newco Ita, during the hearing in the Budget Committee of the Chamber. Commissioner Gabriele Fava spoke of “a very critical situation from an economic and labor law point of view”. The payment of the 14th installment is also suspended for now “the net amount of which is between 22 and 23 million euros,” Fava reported.

Alitalia, 4,000 redundancies, via 200 pilots. Ticket case: there is a solution

Not that the crates are completely empty. As Commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande pointed out, “the allocation of 350 million to deal with the Alitalia crisis after the pandemic is only partially used”. There is still “an endowment of about 40 million”. Resources that are also used to fly planes. And yes, because with the start of the summer season and with the vaccination plan advancing all over the place, reservations are going pretty well. «We are seizing the opportunities of the summer season; the new bookings in the last five weeks travel with a negative delta in a fork only between 65% and 41% compared to previous years, especially compared to 2019. So the trend is positive »said the extraordinary commissioner Daniele Santosuosso. Connections with Sardinia are ensured.
Positive signs, which show how Italians continue to be confident and attached to the old dear flag carrier. But otherwise “the picture is merciless” said the three commissioners.

Alitalia, for now half salaries: for the second tranche of the 100 million loan from the Treasury

In 2020, traffic suffered a decline of over 70% (6 million and 314,000 passengers against 21 million and 293,000 in 2019), with a drop of more than 80% in the months between March and December 2020. Revenues plunged at -80% (590 million in revenues from passenger traffic against 2 billion and 673 million in 2019) with peaks of 90% in the period March-December (264 million against 2.351 billion in 2019). Faced with such a dramatic situation, Leogrande pointed out, aid amounting to 260 million in 2020 – albeit substantial in absolute terms – was almost a drop in the desert. In the other EU countries it went differently, “the states supported the flag carriers with multi-billion dollar figures”, Leogrande emphasizes. The commissioner then invoked “clarity on the cut-off date, certainty on the perimeters and therefore consequently also on the procedures” for the transition to Ita. The company’s announcement of a further postponement on the payment of salaries was obviously not well received by the unions who confirm the national air transport strike of 18 June and do not rule out further abstentions.



Alitalia revenues postponement salaries

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