“We love you very much, come on …”

“We love you very much, come on …”
“We love you very much, come on …”

Alberto Matano, the tender message to Life Live: “We love you, come on …». Today, at the end of the broadcast, the host sent a heartfelt greeting to a great friend of the television audience of Rai1 and not only.

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The former director of Rai1 Mauro Mazza – guest in the studio to promote his book “Diary of the last night. Ciano-Mussolini the final clash” – dedicates affectionate words to Lamberto Sposini, former conductor of the Live Life: «Returning to this studio after a few years, when I was network director … For me, Vita in Diretta means Mara Venier, Marco Liorni, but it means Lamberto Sposini. A big kiss to Lamberto who will surely be watching us».

Alberto Matano is associated with the affectionate message: “As you know Lamberto here we all love him a lot. Come on Lamberto“. Emotion in the studio. April 29, 2011 newlyweds he suffered a stroke, followed by a cerebral hemorrhage, shortly before starting to lead Live Live. And the audience is always with him.

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