Fight against Covid, American and European merits –

Fight against Covid, American and European merits –
Fight against Covid, American and European merits –

Until last May 17th, Taiwan was world champion of the lotta at Covid-19. On January 21, 2020 he had registered the first case of contagion, a 50-year-old returning from Wuhan. They snapped quickly measures security that have remained for months: closure of borders, ban on exporting masks, implementation of an effective test and tracking system, isolation of the infected, quarantines mandatory

On February 16 last year, the first dead, a man who already suffered from diabetes and hepatitis B. Since then, the epidemic has remained under control: on April 24, 2021, the twelfth coronavirus victim was recorded. Then, came the wave that the Taiwanese understandably consider a disaster: from mid-May, the daily cases of Covid-19, which had been counted on the fingers of both hands in the previous months, began to to increase, until 670 on May 27. The total, as of June 3, was almost ten thousand, for 166 deaths. They are back limitations of flights, the closures of cinemas and theaters, the alarm level three out of a maximum of four has been introduced, it is recommended to study and work from home, obligation to wear masks even outdoors. Stricter restrictions than last year. How does the 2020 champion close as the West reopens?

In an interview with the weeklyreading del Corriere, a few weeks ago, the Singaporean expert on international relations Parag Khanna said that, in the first months of the pandemic, seen from Southeast Asia, the response of Europe and the United States seemed a videogame: not very serious. Now, viewed from the West, for Asia to give the impression of being remained behind the curve in the race to get rid of the virus and to reopen life and economy. Why is Taiwan not the exception.

In mid-May, Singapore has brought it back from a distance studio in schools and universities. Japan had a peak of deaths between January and February and another in May: in recent weeks it has introduced an increasing number of lockdown locals. South Korea, another first-round champion, recorded a spike in death tolls at the turn of the year and remain today restrictions upon entering the country, limitation of the number of people who can meet, obligation to wear masks outdoors. With a few exceptions, forbidden the entrance in Vietnam, also a successful country last year; whoever comes into contact with an infected person must remain in quarantine for 21 days in places indicated by the authorities. IS Hanoi announced that he had discovered a new variant of the virus in the country. In Malaysia, new lockdown forcing Honda and Toyota to stop production of auto. Australia and New Zealand have not recorded deaths for months but the entry strictly controlled (Managed isolation), meaning that borders are mostly closed and also the corridor between the two countries realized from 18 April last was put on temporary pause on 25 May.

It is that the successes initials of the Asian countries had the effect of suggesting that the crisis you could go out without reaching immunity of mass: the theory of Covid-Zero, for which enough to check in any case, stay closed and protected. The result these countries have underestimated the importance of the vaccinations. Less than 1% of Taiwanese vaccinated and only recently the Taipei government has ordered 20 million doses from AstraZeneca and Moderna. South Korea was 11% on May 31, less than India. Japan at less than 8% on the same date. Australia at 15%. New Zealand down under 8% on May 25th. Vietnam just over 1%. Singapore is better at 40%.

The countries of Southeast Asia (the China a completely separate case) were extraordinary in to protect its citizens from the pandemic. Never delays in vaccination and the consequent reopening of activities prevent theirs from becoming a template for the present and for the future. The West, which for the whole of 2020 seemed to collapse due to incapacity, today counts its deaths but in the vaccination proved to have capacit scientific, entrepreneurial and organizational still unmatched. The European Union itself is now catching up delays initials in the immunization campaign and proceeds one step further sent also from the United States (in the EU the first inoculated doses are 175 million, in the USA 169 million). Seen in a logic geopolitics – and the pandemic also has profound geopolitical implications – no winners come out of the virus. But at this point it is the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe that can indicate the Street to beat the crisis: if they will know vaccination the rest of the world.

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