Sicily, Musumeci renames the commissioner who wanted to “spread” the data of deaths from Covid: “He is just being investigated like so many others at Ars”

“It is investigated how many others at Ars“. With this sentence Nello Musumeci justifies the return of Ruggero Razza. He had resigned from the post of councilor for health on 30 March, after being investigated in the investigation on Covid data modified. Investigation that had caused a sensation precisely for a sentence pronounced by Razza in the interceptions. Speaking of the high numbers of coronavirus deaths, the councilor for health said to an executive: “Let’s spread them a little …“. Still under investigation for fake, today he is replaced by the governor. Claiming this nomination “I take responsibility for having asked a good person, investigated like so many others at Ars, to return to their place because I have always said that a warranty notice it is not a conviction, neither are an indictment or a first and second degree conviction “, says the president. Who denies fibrillation in the majority after this appointment: “If you knew the applause of the majority last night upon the councilor’s return, how many messages I received. We are all happy to have a decent person in his place to complete the path he started before and during the pandemic ”.

The governor also explains that he had to convince his political dolphin to get him back to his seat. “He didn’t want to go back and since I made the mistake of accepting a few hours after news of the warranty notice, then I told him he had to return to the council“. Musumeci’s reasoning is at least singular: “If in Italy all the politicians reached by warranty notice should they resign we should hold elections every six months. The law clearly establishes incompatibilities, and until they arrive at those laws, I, who are not on the left, but notoriously on the right, am a guarantor. Up to a possible third degree of judgment for me a person is innocent. Who does not think like me is forcaiolo“.

Although for Musumeci it is perfectly normal to put a councilor who resigned after being under investigation, despite being still under investigation, so it is not for the opposition. Starting with 5 stars: “The return of Ruggero Razza to the Sicilian health department is completely inappropriate. There are ongoing investigations on which we will wait for the judiciary, but the interceptions that have emerged are chilling. To think that death data would have been sent from Sicily ‘smeared‘remains a hypothesis of unprecedented gravity. The commissioner had rightly resigned and President Musumeci had accepted his resignation. Nothing has changed since that day. It is not clear what sense it makes therefore to nominate Razza again ”, say the deputies of the M5s to the Sicilian Regional Assembly. “There were many reasons of opportunity that should have suggested to Musumeci not to proceed with Razza’s return to the head of the health department. But the desire to bend Sicily’s interest to the political needs of the regional president prevailed over these obvious reasons “, he adds. Claudio Fava. “It’s just a question of power and seats: Sicily sinks but with the return of Razza Musumeci is happy, everything else doesn’t count”, summarizes the regional secretary of the Democratic Party, Anthony Barbagallo.

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