Vaccines, Regions: “Calling tourists is an exception”

Vaccines, Regions: “Calling tourists is an exception”
Vaccines, Regions: “Calling tourists is an exception”

The administration of the second dose of antihttps vaccine: // to tourists in the region of stay “should represent an absolute exception, given the relative flexibility of the date of the second dose and the possibility of programming that this element offers “. This is what is foreseen in a document drawn up by the Health Commission of the Regions, which will be presented today (June 3) to the Government, on the topic of vaccination on vacation

Regions: vaccines in hubs or pharmacies for long-stay tourists

The document, drawn up by the Health Commission of the Regions, however, provides for the possibility of booking the second dose in the region of stay – as long as the latter is of long duration – with vaccination in pharmacies or hubs and, finally, issue of the certificate of successful administration. of the recall with the transcription to the vaccination register in the region of residence. In any case, the Regions of stay would evaluate the suitability of the candidacies for booking, and then provide the date and place via text message, while guaranteeing the availability of the type of vaccine requested.


Lombardy: almost 400,000 under 29s already booked

Meanwhile, at 10 am on Thursday 3 June, there were almost 400 thousand (391,574 to be precise) bookings for the anti Covid-19 vaccine for the under 29s made from 2 June evening on the Lombardy Region and Poste Italiane portal. This is what is learned from the Welfare department of the Region. In detail, 232,816 concerned the range between 20 and 29 years, 120,433 that between 16 and 20, 42,229 the range between 12 and 16 years. But not all regions have already opened to the 12-16 age bracket. “If the planned deliveries of Pfizer vaccines are sufficient, the reservations for adolescents aged 12 years in Liguria will leave within 10 days in batches” warned the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti at Agorà on Rai 3.

Figliuolo: flexibility on reservation, call to young people

«I have just signed a letter for all the Regions to say to find solutions of maximum flexibility for bookings, I am thinking of the younger classes who will move in the summer months. Already during the booking phase it must be possible to find the best date for the recall and ensure, with the flexibility, that already in that phase it can possibly be moved to another day in the range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks. It is feasible, it will take the technical times to adapt the information systems on which the structure is ready to lend a hand ». Thus the Covid emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo to Elisir on Rai 3.

“2 million over 60 inoculations are missing”

The commissioner also recalled that at the moment, “with regard to the over 60s, there are 2 million and one hundred and seventy thousand people missing”. And he commented: «There are many. A good job has been done, but we still have to go up in percentages. We have to think of those people who are hesitant or unschooled from an IT point of view. I told the regions to look for them, both through their mobile teams and through those of the Defense: among the latter there are 44, which are operating with a specific mandate to go and look for fragile people and over 60 “

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