The two Lega auditors condemned

The two Lega auditors condemned
The two Lega auditors condemned


The leader of the league Matteo Salvini

The two auditors of the Lega in Parliament were sentenced Alberto Di Rubba to 5 years and Andrea Manzoni to 4 years and 4 months, charged in Milan for the case of the sale of the Cormano warehouse, purchased by the Lombardy Film Commission, with which they would be € 800,000 of public funds were drained. This was decided by the gup Guido Salvini at the end of the process which took place with an abbreviated procedure.

The prosecutor’s accusation was accepted in its entirety: the deputy prosecutor Eugenio Fusco and the prosecutor Stefano Civardi had asked for 4 years and 8 months for Di Rubba and 4 years for Manzoni, both accused of auction and embezzlement.

The two auditors will also have to pay jointly and severally compensation for damages of 150 thousand euros to Lombardia Film Commission, a foundation owned by the Region and the Municipality of Milan and civil party in the shortened trial for the case of the sale of the Cormano warehouse. Compensation of 25 thousand euros has been ordered for the Municipality. In addition, perpetual interdiction from public offices and in a state of legal interdiction during the execution of the sentence was imposed.

“Maximum respect for the sentence and maximum dissent from the sentence” commented the lawyer Piermaria Corso, defender of Alberto di Rubba and Andrea Manzoni. The reasons will be filed in 90 days.

“Alberto Di Rubba and Andrea Manzoni, like all citizens, are innocent until the final sentence: we are sure that they will be able to demonstrate their extraneousness to the facts they are accused of”: so sources of the Carroccio commented on the sentence.


Lega auditors condemned

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