The police released me

The police released me
The police released me

He gets off the train, but cannot get out of the station: the doors of the Furio Camillo stop are already closed after 11 pm and therefore, to ‘save himself’ he had to call the police. It is the story of Massimo, an Atac user who posted on Twitter a video of what happened to him on the evening of June 2: trapped in the metro station. “I’m under the Furio Camillo metro, it’s just me. I got off at the Furio Camillo stop and all the doors of the stop are closed and it’s just me. I had to call the police and now they have to come and free the policemen”, the version told by Massimo in the video posted on Twitter (video above).

The stop was closed due to the transport strike

There was no closure notice inside the station, but Tuesday was effectively a strike day and in theory the station was closed. So we read on the Twitter profile of Atac on the evening of June 1st: “ScioperoTrasporti 3 Metro A fraction closed stations: Furio Camillo, Re di Roma, Baldo degli Ubaldi and Cornelia Roma”. In short, the stop was closed, but the train stopped anyway and let the passengers get off. The latter, like Massimo, remained blocked and were only released thanks to the intervention of the police. Fortunately, the agents arrived after a few minutes and opened the doors. However, the inconvenience should be clarified: how is it possible that the driver of the convoy made the passengers get off at a stop that was closed due to the strike? The Atac affair may have launched an internal investigation.


police released

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