Not only PS5: Gran Turismo 7 and the new God of War will also be released for PS4

Not only PS5: Gran Turismo 7 and the new God of War will also be released for PS4
Not only PS5: Gran Turismo 7 and the new God of War will also be released for PS4

Two of the most anticipated titles for PS5, Gran Turismo 7 and the new chapter of God of War, they will not be exclusive but will also be released for PS4. To make it known is the executive of the Japanese house Hermen Hulst, through an intervention in the official PlayStation podcast.

Hulst has returned several times to the excellent numbers recorded by PS4 in the course of his life: “Sony can’t fail to consider the 110 million PS4 owners out there. Ignoring this user base would make them very angry and honestly, it wouldn’t be a good deal for us to do so.”.

We will continue with the development of PS4 titles. Where possible, we will continue the joint development of the title on PS4 and PS5. The idea is that those with the PS4 will be able to play the game, but those who have already made the switch to the next generation consoles will find its improved version for the new consoles.”.

Even Sony has realized that consoles are no longer enough: PC, mobile and streaming are the vectors of growth

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A different strategy

This is a very important change in communication. Months ago, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, made it clear that the company’s stance was “we believe in generations” and therefore in the release of PS5 exclusives. In contrast there was the approach, already revealed at the time, of Microsoft: the games will be released for a long time for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Specifying that PS4’s large installed base cannot be avoided is in fact a step backwards; indeed, the idea on PS5 that the best version of the game can be played sounds much like what Microsoft, to push its new consoles, has been saying for a long time now.

After Days Gone and Horizon, Sony will also bring Uncharted 4 to PC. And the list will be much longer

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Both Gran Turismo 7 and the new God of War chapter are scheduled for 2022. Closer is the launch of the new chapter of Horizon which, according to the Sony executive, “could see the light during the holiday season this year


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