Vodafone Curve Bike light & GPS tracker, device for the safety of cyclists

Vodafone Curve Bike light & GPS tracker, device for the safety of cyclists
Vodafone Curve Bike light & GPS tracker, device for the safety of cyclists

The bike market in Italy experienced a particularly positive 2020 with 2,010,000 units sold. The Italians, also thanks to the pandemic, have rediscovered the bicycle and are back in the saddle. This very trivially means that there are more 2 wheels on the roads than in the past. To improve the safety of cyclists, Vodafone has decided to launch the new one Curve Bike light & GPS tracker.

It is a device from the “Designed & Connected by Vodafone” Smart Tech range that allows people to have greater peace of mind when traveling by bike and when parking their 2-wheelers.

According to a research by Vodafone, among the main concerns of cyclists in Italy are poor visibility and poor lighting conditions on the roads (40%), poor protection of the bicycle from theft (43%), the fear of being overwhelmed at shoulders (31%) and being involved in an accident without being noticed by others (24%).

Curve Bike light & GPS tracker is a device equipped with a smart light for the rear brake which operates dynamically in relation to speed and which must be connected to the seat tube. In simple terms, if the cyclist suddenly brakes, the rear light will automatically increase the light intensity and warn those behind. In addition to this, it also offers cyclists the GPS tracking, the detection of any impacts or accidents and a alert service which allows to warn in case of unexpected movement of the bike or to send notifications to relatives and friends in case of emergency.

Thanks to the GPS and the integrated SIM, Curve Bike light & GPS tracker send the position of the bicycle directly to your smartphone, allowing constant localization. Just use the Vodafone Smart App. If the bike is moved with the active safety mode, this device will emit a sound similar to that of home alarms (107 dB) and send an alert to the app.

Always using GPS, it will be possible view and save each trip made, to record its distance and duration. Thanks to Impact Detection and Help Alerts functionality, the smart product for bicycles is able to report to the contacts set up a possible fall or an accident, through a push notification, an SMS or an automatic call. Curve Bike light & GPS tracker it is IP67 certified to be able to face routes of all kinds, even in the rain. Features a security bolt to prevent theft. The price is 139 euros. The cost includes 6 months of connectivity. Thereafter, you will have to pay 2.99 euros per month.


Vodafone Curve Bike light GPS tracker device safety cyclists

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