Recalls of vaccines in the summer, Figliuolo intervenes: what changes

Commissioner Figliuolo “groomed” the Regions and laid down new rules for the recall of vaccines in the summer

While in Italy the anti Covid vaccination campaign, with the opening of reservations from today to all age groups, the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has announced some news on the second dose, with a “curried” to the Regions.

Commissioner Figliuolo. intervened during the program “Elisir” on Rai 3, he made it known that he had “just signed one letter for all Regions and Autonomous Provinces to say to find solutions of maximum flexibility for bookings and I am thinking in particular of the younger classes, those who will now begin to travel around Italy “.

The plan of the extraordinary commissioner of the Covid emergency is to “give maximum flexibility” which, as he himself explained, “means being able to choose the best date already during the booking phase with a toll-free number or online and be able to move the recall in the range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks. Obviously in the technical times of readjustment of IT systems ”, he added.

Regarding the second doses of the vaccine, Figliuolo said that “from a scientific point of view there are some studies, even advanced ones, which still have to find further confirmation, in order to be able to make the second dose so-called ‘heterologous’: that is, to make a first dose of AstraZeneca and for some particular cases or because maybe at that moment AstraZeneca is not available to do the booster with mRna vaccines such as Moderna, Pfizer or Curevac. And this from the immunological point of view seems to give an excellent answer but certainly I do not allow myself to enter the field of scientists ”, concluded Figliuolo.

Virgil News | 03-06-2021 15:30

Photo source: ANSA

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Recalls vaccines summer Figliuolo intervenes

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