Israel, Bennett, millionaire with kippah, will be the new premier? –

Israel, Bennett, millionaire with kippah, will be the new premier? –
Israel, Bennett, millionaire with kippah, will be the new premier? –

FROM THE CORRESPONDING JERUSALEM They say that Naftali Bennett is able to quote from memory the lines of Seinfeld as much as the Torah. And that he applied this ability to the slogans of the first election campaign when he entered politics eight years ago. There are events that most of us know will never happen: i Sopranos they will not return for a new season e there will be no peace plan with the Palestinians. So: without compromise and for him without contradictions.

Yet someone takes it with them:Naftali Bennett was the director of the council of Yesha, the political body that represents settlers in the West Bank, but lives in Raanana, a suburb north of Tel Aviv where he finds anglos like him – with American, British, South African accents – and inhabited mostly by programmers , engineers, start-up inventors. What he did and what made him a multimillionaire before this race – still obstacles – to the post of prime minister. Wear one on your head small crochet kippah which symbolizes religious Zionism, but not as broad as that of the most extremist and racist settlers: he could be the first head of the government to wear one in the history of the country, certainly the first representative of the movement he wants to put together faith and loyalty to the state. observant, his wife no: when they went to live for a period in Manhattan’s Upper East Side – he proudly told the weekly New Yorker – Gilat worked as a pastry cook and made some critics think again about the virtues of crme brle. It remains a product of the yeshivas who learned the lessons of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and may be able – writes the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth – to encourage Israelis to find their lost unity: Religious Zionism has always aspired to build bridges between devotees and lay people, humanism and faith, nationalism and universalism. Certainly not the racist and xenophobic version – continues the best-selling newspaper in the country – of Bezalel Smotrich or Itamar Ben Gvir.

Of the two years in which Bennet was chief of staff for Benjamin Netanyahu, then in the opposition, he prefers not to speak. Once he would have let it slip that the disagreements arose with Sarah and that having worked with her as having survived a course in terrorism. Between 2006 and 2008 the wife of the premier in office made life difficult even ad Ayelet Shaked, who later founded the new right-wing parties with Bennett and could now become Minister of the Interior, one of eight women to join the nascent government, would be a record. Netanyahu cultivated him and at the same time feared him: when he appeared on the scene he defined him a dangerous and messianic extremist. He preferred to keep him close to control him and entrusted him with various ministries until the second break: Bennett identified the political vacuum during the first months of the fight against Covid-19, went to the opposition and became a shadow minister.

A health activism that in one phase led his small party to reach over 20 MPs in the polls, the reality of the elections at the end of March left him with 7. He has to hold on to them: the two threaten to vote no to trust next week, on they and the other right-wing politicians in the coalition are breaking down Netanyahu’s maneuvers: he marks Naftali as a traitor and the possible government as dangerous for the country, because – his megaphones repeat on social media – formed by parties of the historical left, exiles of Likud, the center of Yair Lapid and an Islamist Arab formation. Calls for picket lines in front of Bennett and Shaked’s homes have prompted internal intelligence to place under protection the man who could take Netanyahu’s place after 12 years in power without interruption.

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