in their thirties in revolt. “When will it be our turn?”

in their thirties in revolt. “When will it be our turn?”
in their thirties in revolt. “When will it be our turn?”

There is the rush of the very young to get vaccinated. Any cliché that wanted them disinterested in anti Covid injections is swept away. In Rome, at the open days for high school students, participation was very high, 4 out of 5 said yes; the same happened at the open week for over 18s where the virtual tickets sold out as they once did at concerts. In Bologna, the images of crowds and gatherings of young people for vaccinations open to all (but without reservations and this was a bad idea) caused a sensation. Veneto has also started appointments for young people and in a few hours there were 250,000 contacts on the site. The desire for a summer in safety and freedom wins.

Covid Lazio, June 3 bulletin: 196 new cases (123 in Rome) and 6 deaths. New Open Week tickets

But there is also the other side of the coin: on social media, but also in the traditional word of mouth, the revolt of the thirty-year-olds (and partly also of the twenty-year-olds) from Lazio has started. It all begins on the night between 2 and 3 June. They hoped to be able to book the vaccination, given that Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo had given the break the lines, announcing that the Regions can guarantee administrations at all ages. Most of the governors did, but not Lazio, leaving most of those born in the 1980s and 1990s disappointed. While until a few weeks ago Lazio was the Region indicated as an example because it traveled like a high-speed train, getting off every 2-3 days of age class, it suddenly pulled the brake. The last ones for which reservations have been opened, on May 26, are those born in 1981. Then the stop. Why? In the meantime, open days have been organized for high school graduates, with Pfizer.

Vaccini Lazio, 12-39 age groups open to bookings: all dates, centers and upcoming Open Days

Not only that: in parallel, the open week (which will end on June 6) started with AstraZeneca, aimed at anyone over 18 years of age, with 60 thousand virtual tickets. In theory, even a thirty-year-old, one of the hundreds who yesterday wrote on social media contesting the Lazio method, could book for the open week, but being limited places, in the end the disappointed were the majority. Thus the thirty-year-old from Rome, Viterbo, Latina, Rieti and Civitavecchia saw his peers book themselves in Lombardy or Veneto, wherever vaccines have been (on paper) offered to everyone, without being able to do the same. Numerous memes: one of them had a photo (from the show “Lol”) of the comedian Lillo with a bewildered expression.

It was written: “We of Lazio who see all the others book”. And then protest messages on Twitter: “Enough with the open days, we want vaccines for everyone”, “Lazio wants to continue with the age groups, I will get vaccinated in the year of never”; there are those who ironically “the Lazio Region announces that vaccines will be given to the Under 40s only after Roma’s fourth championship”, who blurts out “but because the vaccines are in Lazio, they are not open to everyone, because”. In the late afternoon, here is the announcement of the Region: we reopen reservations, but continuing to respect the age groups. The calendar: from Sunday night those born between 1982 and 1986 can be booked, two days after those from 1987 to 1991, Thursday night from 1992 to 1996 and from Sunday 13 June at midnight all the others up to the age of seventeen. For those aged 12 to 16, parents “should contact the pediatricians of their choice or the general practitioner”.

But did Lazio really penalize the thirty-year-olds? In reality, the opening of reservations to all, as decided by the other Regions, risks being an optical illusion. The doses available are not infinite and, in proportion to the number of inhabitants, they are the same for each Region. You can also open reservations to everyone, but the appointment will necessarily be for who knows when. Following the criterion of the age groups – with the only exceptions of the open days (which serve to dispose of AstraZeneca’s stocks) – at least, it is the thesis of Lazio, chaos is avoided and a principle of fairness is maintained, because a 39 year old he will get vaccinated before a seventeen year old. To date, in Lazio there have been 3.5 million administrations, those who have completed the vaccination process (first and second dose with the sole exception of Johnson & Johnson for whom one injection is enough) are 1,131,582 (data from late yesterday afternoon ).

Among the over 80s, almost 94 percent received at least one dose (87 both), well even between 70 and 79 years, 87.5 percent at least one dose; between 60 and 69 we are around 79 percent. Summary: the discontent registered in Lazio among the thirty and twenty-year-olds waiting, the bookings sold out for the open days open to eighteen-year-olds, but also the rush to click in Veneto or the assault on the Bologna vaccination center give good news: even between the young and the very young there is a desire to get vaccinated.

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