Lazio-Sarri, here we are: agreement on the engagement and understanding on the market

Lazio-Sarri, here we are: agreement on the engagement and understanding on the market
Lazio-Sarri, here we are: agreement on the engagement and understanding on the market

Summit in Formello: Maurizio asked Lotito for five reinforcements. Only the last details remain to be defined

The agreement is now really one step away. Maurizio Sarri’s adventure at Lazio can officially begin in the next few hours. The long summit held late yesterday evening between the former Juventus and Napoli coach and the president of the Roman club Lotito laid the foundations for the marriage to soon become a reality. Perhaps already today, when Sarri will be joined in Rome by his agents. Meanwhile, yesterday he and the Lazio managers (with Lotito there was also the ds Tare) found a very broad harmony both on the technical project to be implemented and on the economic aspect of the contract that Sarri will have to sign. In short, the negotiation is in the final stages and there is optimism about a happy ending.

The summit

Maurizio Sarri arrived in Rome late yesterday and immediately went to Formello, the headquarters of the Biancoceleste team. The former Juventus and Napoli coach entered through a secondary entrance to avoid the crowd of reporters and fans that had gathered near the main entrance. To welcome him there were the president Claudio Lotito and the ds Igli Tare who introduced him to the facilities of the sports center of the Roman company. The group then left Formello to move to a restaurant in the area, where the summit went on until late in the day. Obviously, there was talk of a contract, but the absence of Sarri’s agents at the top has overshadowed this chapter. Especially as regards the part relating to the bonuses which are then the knot still to be solved. Because there is an agreement on the fixed part of the salary (about 3 million). In principle, there is also on bonuses that would raise the coach’s salary over 3.5 million. But the formulation of the same requires a technical discourse that will necessarily have to be addressed by the agents of the coach.

Market node

On the other hand, the market operations that Lazio will be called upon to carry out are fundamental to definitively convince Sarri. Above all this was discussed during the long summit that was held last night in Formello. The Roman club is currently at a standstill, has not yet completed any purchases. With the exception of that of the young Serbian Dimitrije Kamenovic (born in 2000). Operation completed in January with the commitment to leave the player another six months in his team, Cukaricki. Kamenovic will be in Rome next week for medical examinations and signing the contract. It will be a useful element to complete the staff, but Sarri has asked that he be assured five starters: two full-backs, a midfielder, a winger and a central striker. Elements considered essential for the team to play with the form dear to him, the 4-3-3. The names on the agenda are those of Hysaj, Lykogiannis and Maksimovic for the defense, Nandez and Thorsby for the midfield, Ilicic and Borré for the attack. On some of these names Sarri gave his approval, on others he expressed some doubts, but the margins to find a square are wide. Sarri also reiterated that of the elements already present in the squad there is none that cannot be good for his project. Lazio will therefore be free to act as it sees fit in exit (with Correa being the main suspect for the excellent sale that will serve to finance the incoming market).

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LazioSarri agreement engagement understanding market

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