Video Games: Eight-year-old boy sells Pokémon card collection to save his dog

June 03, 2021 11:34 am

To save his pet, Bryson Killean set up a stall outside his home, but received an unexpected gift from the Pokémon staff.

Bryson and his family they couldn’t afford $ 700 to pay for Bruce’s treatment, who was diagnosed with parvovirus, a disease that especially affects the digestive and cardiovascular systems in puppies: it is therefore essential that such a virus is diagnosed and treated in time to prevent the death of the animal.

So the boy decided to set up a stall outside his home in Virginia to sell his precious Pokémon cards and raise money to save her dog. “I know everyone likes Pokémon cards, so I decided to sell them,” he told the local broadcaster. The news was so popular that the staff of Pokémon headquarters in Bellevue, in Washington state, upon learning of Bryson’s sacrifice, decided to send him a precious set of very rare cards as a gift to replace those sold.


The message with which the child received the unexpected gift read: “Hey Bryson, you inspired us with your story about selling cards to save your dog. These are some cards that will help you replace the ones you had to give away. “.

Bryson’s mom also created an online fundraising page to help raise $ 800 and cover the puppy’s entire therapy. Surprisingly, However, the donations have exceeded the quota of over $ 5,000, which the family will use to help pay for future vaccinations of Bruce and other sick dogs in the community. At the moment, the young hero plays with his new cards and the cub continues his recovery, now well on his way to a complete recovery.

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Video Games Eightyearold boy sells Pokémon card collection save dog

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