This PS5 themed T-shirt costs more than the console itself, it is signed by Balenciaga –

Balenciaga, famous clothing line, has proposed a T-shirt a tema PS5 which costs more than the console itself. It almost seems absurd, but it really is. As you can see just below, the t-shirt is very simple and, on the front, it shows the PS5 logo, the PS logo and the writing “nov 2020”, that is the release date, in addition to the symbols of the front buttons of the controller on the left sleeve .

The price of this PS5 themed t-shirt is 675 dollars. We remind you that the Sony console, at list price, costs $ 499. It’s a bit ironic that a PS5 shirt costs more than the console itself, but Balenciaga can clearly afford to charge certain prices for their products. We also point out that this is by no means the most expensive shirt in the line. There are other t-shirts that go as high as $ 750.

Here is the PS5 themed t-shirt

But if you are looking for something different, know that one is also available sweatshirt, always PS5 themed, which costs 875 dollars. Some touts have sold their PS5 at lower prices, probably.

The shot above could also be a quote from an old Sony PlayStation ad, which you can see below.

We remind you that PS5 is hard to find, but not many consoles are produced for this: PS5 is the best-selling console in the UK in 2021, above Nintendo Switch.


PS5 themed Tshirt costs console signed Balenciaga Nerd4life

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