PES 2022 aims at manic photorealism, Konami praises the capabilities of PS5

PES 2022 aims at manic photorealism, Konami praises the capabilities of PS5
PES 2022 aims at manic photorealism, Konami praises the capabilities of PS5

Having limited herself to a simple rose update this year, Konami is preparing to launch a full-fledged sequel to Pro Evolution Soccer, presumably by the end of 2021 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S (it’s unclear if it will also arrive on older generation consoles).

The producer of the football series, Seitaro Kimura, recently discussed the technical objectives that Konami is setting itself with PES 2022. The will of the development team is to reach an unprecedented level of photorealism, and in an attempt to make it will make the most of the hardware under the PS5’s hood:

“I think it’s important to be able to feel the excitement and sense of accomplishment that football brings, in our game. Not to mention the ability to play with photorealistic graphics …”, the words of Kimura published in the second issue of PLAY magazine. The performance of the PS5 is incredible and while we have benefited from it, we have faced many challenges and feel we are constantly approaching the “next level”. However, no matter how good the PS5’s performance is, there are various restrictions and I think it’s an extremely difficult road to “the next level”. This because the fotorealismo we are aiming for is exactly the reproduction of the real world itself.

This includes the stadium atmosphere and the enthusiastic fans, the passionate facial expressions of the players, the texture of the skin and hair, and the detailed movement of the muscles and sweat. Even the seams of the uniforms. In my opinion, it’s about recreating the real world itself. The general definition would be to reproduce a live-action expression, however by itself it could lead to an inorganic and imperfect world. We believe that the fotorealismo will be completed by adding several elements to impress users. They know what the players look like, they have seen the enthusiastic fans and they have felt the atmosphere of the stadium. Therefore, virtual deception is much more difficult. However, this is exactly why we believe the challenge in this area is worth it.

As you know, the PES series has abandoned the Fox Engine with which the previous epidodes were shaped, and will henceforth be developed through the Unreal Engine of Epic Games. This, according to Kimura, represented a real turning point for developers, who can work better and buy time.


PES aims manic photorealism Konami praises capabilities PS5

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