“Italy is not a team that can win the European Championships” – Corriere.it

“Italy is not a team that can win the European Championships” – Corriere.it
“Italy is not a team that can win the European Championships” – Corriere.it

Antonin Barak, Czech midfielder of Verona, What do you think of Italy?

«The expectations are high and it is also right, but for me Italy is not a team that can win the European Championship. France, Belgium and even England are stronger ».

«Insigne has had a great championship: few have his numbers. And then Verratti. Mancini is right to wait for him to recover: Italy has no other like him ».

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With what expectations does the Czech Republic arrive?

“We are very well. We have created a team that can be very dangerous for anyone. We have quality players starting with Schick and young people with a great future. We are very hungry and we are a good group: it is our strength ».

The group is not easy: Scotland, Croatia and England.

«It is essential to start well: if we beat the Scots we go to 99%. For the others it will not be easy to beat us and with the English we have already won. The minimum goal is the quarters ».

In March you lost against Wales, Italy’s opponent: is it to be feared?

“A wrong match, Italy has to beat him by force.”

Does Pavel Nedved still have a weight in Prague and the surrounding area?

«It has almost nothing to do with Czech football anymore. Let’s see if he comes back or stays in Italy: I’m curious ».

“The highest possible: playing a World Cup and the European Championship, achieving great results with the national team, playing in a team that is fighting for Europe and for the Scudetto”.

He suffered from bullying as a boy, right?

“Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it.”

Her father trained her for a long time. With what principles?

«From 4 to 15 years old. He coached the youth national teams and collaborated with Ajax. Its strength has always been to privilege the technique, the fun, the sensitivity of the game: the body comes later ».

There is no football monoculture in your country, is that so?

«I think doing only one sport is a mistake. For us it is essential to try more disciplines: I did gymnastics, basketball, swimming, volleyball, hockey, a bit of everything. It is a matter of public health ”.

Are Italian footballers less hungry than foreigners?

«I see that few Italians want to try another championship, they prefer to stay at home. But if you go to another country you also grow as a man and this gives you a lot “

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